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Chinese for Kids: Learn Mandarin in Your Own Virtual Classroom

According to The British Council children possess a innate ability to hear and distinguish the sounds of other languages, and unlike adults, children have the capacity to make sense of what they are hearing. Children possess a natural fascination with strange and new words, and enjoy experimenting with different sounds and rhythms.

The benefits of learning a language

It can be incredibly beneficial to give your child the opportunity to learn a language at an early age, it’s then they’re able to enjoy the experience by putting to use their natural abilities.

Past studies indicate that children learning an additional language have a tendency to perform better across the board. This is because languages develop listening, observation, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The benefits don’t end there – these skills are transferable and are life-long. A child who has engaged in and developed a love of language at a young age will be well prepared for school and life in general.

Why Mandarin?

The Chinese language has the most native speakers in the world, with around 1.4 billion people, and Mandarin Chinese is the official Chinese language. China is one of the UK’s major trade partners – and with that in mind, it doesn’t take a genius to work out how important learning Mandarin is and will be for business now, and in the future.

A virtual classroom

Asian Language School specialise in teaching Mandarin to primary school children via a virtual classroom using Zoom technology. Lesson are taught by native Chinese teachers with degrees in education or language teaching. An emphasis is placed on teaching children conversational fluency in Mandarin using pinyin (romanised Chinese writing), and lessons are enriched with cultural information, making them both fun and factual.

Booking your trial

My five-year-old nephew George volunteered to trial a one-to-one Mandarin lesson so we could find out more about how the class works in practice.

George’s first lesson consisted of

  1. learning to count from one to five: yi, er, san, si, wu
  2. saying hello and goodbye: ni hao, zai jian
  3. introducing the name: wo de ming zi shi

Here’s a snippet of how George got on – he was very pleased with himself, was praised by his teacher and thoroughly enjoyed his 30 minute introduction to Mandarin.

It’s really easy to book your trial lesson, and with flexible class times, it’s easy to find time in your child’s weekly timetable to squeeze in a regular lesson.

Children can enrol in one-to-one lessons or include their sibling. There are 30 minute and 60 minute classes available.

The complete language program

The complete Mandarin language program for primary school children is 16 terms in length, and it’s recommended that students attend lessons four terms a year to really get to grips with the language. Parents are encouraged to sit with younger children experiencing their first lesson to assist them with the technology.

It’s really easy to book your lesson, and with flexible class times, it’s easy to find time in your child’s weekly timetable to squeeze in a regular lesson with Asian Language School. There are 30 minute and 60 minute classes available. Children can enrol in one-to-one lessons or include their sibling or friends to form a group class for a more affordable option.

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