I had some really lovely art scenery ideas show up on my social media the other week, which was a great timing as YC was doing an art project for school which involved her filling up a sketch book.  These Chinese scenery pictures were a nice way to explore using charcoals, pastels, and chalk.

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To make your own Chinese scenery pictures you will need:

  • Paper
  • Bowl
  • Chalks, pastels, or charcoals
  • Tissue
  • Pencil
  • Black fine tip pen

In the middle of a piece of plain paper draw around the bowl.

Then, using a separate piece of paper, tear some strips to make the mountains.  You need to plan out where the hills will fall inside the circle.

chinese scenery pictures

When you are ready use those bits of torn paper as a stencil.  Lie one inside your circle and use the chalk to scrape over the edge to create the mountain.  Either use a finger, or piece of tissue, to smudge the colour together.  You will need to keep adding layers to your mountains to build it up.  Just make sure to clean your fingers, otherwise you may get chalky fingerprints across your drawing.

chinese scenery pictures

When you are satisfied with your mountains, add some extra bits to your Chinese scenery pictures.  This could be some birds, a boat, cherry tree, pagoda, sun, or the moon.  I would recommend doing these parts in pencils or maybe a fine tipped pen.

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