Keah Lan recently treated the lovely Chloe Delevigne with reflexology during her pregnancy. Chloe loved it so much and we did an interview with her about her session.

Keah: What made you try reflexology and what have you heard about this therapy ?
Chloe Delevigne: First started having reflexology when I was a child and found it very calming. Keah was recommended to me by a number of friends.

Keah: How did you feel during the session ?
Chloe Delevigne: I found the session very relaxing and deeply therapeutic and I left with a sense of calm and balance. And I felt completely reenergised for days afterwards. Perfect for my last week of nesting!

Keah: How did you feel after your first session? (If you had the hypno tape in the background pls comment on this briefly)
Chloe Delevigne: I felt much more relaxed and yet had the energy to do what I needed to. My sleep was much sounder and I felt an overall since of calm. When in labour the sound of the hypo tape came to me and certainly helped with my breathing.

Keah: How helpful were the breathing exercises?
Chloe Delevigne: They certainly helped for when I was in actual labour and trying to remain calm and realising you need to breathe through the pain. I found this essential to dealing with the process of labour.

Keah: Would you recommend it to other moms?
Chloe Delevigne: Yes for sure. Keah allowed me to spend some time focusing on myself and time to completely relax. I will certainly be seeing Keah again.

Keah is offering Mybaba readers £15 off their first session. Check out Keah’s beautifully refurbished new site, it’s inspiring:

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