I always wanted a tree house when I was little, and I’m lucky enough to have two older brothers, so mine was pretty cool. My children are at the age when they’re desperate for an outdoor playhouse and I went to a friend’s house last week, who had the most gigantic one. We called on Fun Playhouses to explain the options.

When you have young kids, adding a playhouse to your garden is guaranteed to be a good move. It will keep them occupied for hours and will ensure they spend time taking part in physical activities rather than spending their time being fixed to technology. A playhouse can help cultivate your child’s imagination and is a great way to teach kids to play happily together, as they can create games like ‘house’ where they all have their own roles. It can however, be hard to choose the best playhouse so here are a few things you’ll want to consider when making your decision

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  1. Safety is one of the most important things when it comes to choosing a playhouse. You want to ensure that the playhouse has been well constructed and is sturdy, so be sure to check inside or read reviews online before purchasing. Also make sure that the company you are purchasing from complies with the safety standards for outdoor toys as legislated by the UK and all of Europe.
  2. Size will be another important factor in your decision. You want something with enough space for your child to happily play in but you don’t want it to take up the whole of your garden; you need some space for your own things too! Have a look around and gauge what you already have in your garden so you can map out the area that is best for your playhouse. This will give you an idea of how big a playhouse will be practical for you and the kind of shape that will best fit into your garden.
  3. Consider how much you want to spend. There really is a great variety to choose from out there, from very basic, small houses to sprawling, intricate designs with slides or climbing frames incorporated into them. Some playhouses have beautiful designs whereas others are quite plain and this will also affect the price. The material that it is constructed from, normally a choice between plastic or wood will change the price and also dramatically change the appearance of the playhouse. Once you have worked out how much you would like to spend on a playhouse, you can narrow down your search and see the kinds of models that are available to you.
  4. As mentioned above, you will need to make a choice about the material your playhouse is made from. There are pros and cons associated with both options, so weigh these up and decide what criteria is most important to you. Plastic playhouses can be easier to assemble, easier to clean and they can generally stand up against most weather conditions. They don’t need a base to be built on as they can simply be put on your grass, either with a mat to act as a floor or simply with the grass peeking through. They tend to be smaller and are more suitable for very young children as there is no risk of splinters and any trips against the plastic are likely to cause less injury than a fall into wood. On the other hand, a lot more can be done with a wooden playhouse; if you want to add a slide, ladder or swings to your playhouse it is more likely you will be choosing a wooden one. It can also be a much more attractive addition to your garden and is less likely to fade or be afflicted with mould or moss like a plastic one may be-this can make them look quite unpleasant if they are not used regularly. However, you can pack away a plastic playhouse during the winter months but a wooden one will have to stay erected and is much more difficult to put up in the first place. You need to think about what your kids want and what kind of games they are likely to play as this will end up making the final decision for what they best kind of playhouse to go for is.

Make sure you shop in the right places to ensure that you find what you are looking for. The retailer that you’re buying a playhouse from should have a wide selection and offer advice on choosing the perfect option for you and your children. Having a great range means you can find an option to suit your budget without having to compromise on quality or any other criteria you have for the perfect playhouse.

Hours of fun can be had on the right playhouse so make sure you choose wisely and always supervise your kids so that you can all have the best experience possible.

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Photography: Fun Playhouses

By Fun Playhouses