Here is a rundown of some of the best cars for young families to look out for:

The Mercedes A Class

This is such a great kid-friendly car, simultaneously superb for cities and motorway cruising. The A-Class is sporting a brand new design, new to the market – so you’ll be sure to be up to date. The new A-Class is a great combination of everything you could possibly want from a family car, it is highly recommended.

The New Ford Grand C-Max 

A 7-seat wonder from Ford with beautiful design, the Grand C-Max features flexi seats, power child locks and a panoramic roof that kids will love to gaze through. The rear view camera makes parking a doddle and yet the fathers among you won’t feel like you’re driving a mini van as it has an uber-cool design. 

Land Rover Discovery

An SUV that I think is ideal for children, but also ideal to go anywhere for any situation. From a dinner party to an off-road event, this car won’t let you down. Spacious and practical, your children will sit in comfort in the 7 seats which come as standard. This really is a stylish vehicle that will be up to the challenge of any of your demands as a family.

Mini Clubman

With any good car run-down, the Mini has to be featured. The model I think is the ultimate for kids would be the Mini Clubman. Access to the back of the car is amazing and the car has been designed with practicality in mind, yet still retaining the kudos of having something aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the effortlessly cool Mini brand. This car has really been created for you as the parent to keep your style values while making it easy to use as a family. This is a really good all-round city/motorway car.

Range Rover Evoque

The last SUV on the list will be the Range Rover Evoque 5 door. This automatic parking gem of a car has really ticked all of the boxes with both fathers and mothers alike. With a prestige badge and luxury interior, this car will stand you head and shoulders above the rest while still pleasing your eco conscience, as the fuel consumption is really impressive. If the ultimate fashion mother Victoria Beckham has endorsed this car, it should give you hints of the credentials of this model.

The new Ibiza ST from Seat 

This is the estate car that looks anything but, and with underpinnings from VW and Audi it really should be near the top of your list of cars to get. The style, load space, leg and head room are truly amazing. Your children will love this and if you go for the eco motion version with the start-stop system, you are really going for the ultimate car. If you are going from a VW or Audi you will notice the similarity in design, layout and functionailty. Seat is a funky brand that you will be proud to park at your pad.

The Nissan Duke

A funky design that is a crossover between a Jeep and a road car that is built to thrill, as they say. This car will be known as the Daddymobile and will tick the boxes with you as a mother or father. A stylish interior as well as exemplary safety records will stand you apart from all your friends. This car is a real joy to drive and a head turner on design.

Audi A3

The new Audi A3 is going to be the car that every father will want to be popping to work in, as well as being ideal for the school run. The truly stunning styling and handling control of this car will make you fall in love with Audi as a brand, as well as falling in love with small cars when you realise how much you can fit into such a small package. This is one of those cars that the children will be proud to be seen in- do not overlook Audi as they are one of the huge powerhouses of car brands with a prestigious badge standing above many others.

Final thought

Car brands are always pushing the boundaries on what we perceive as great cars, so do take what I say as a snapshot of a great set of cars that will be wonderful for you and your babas.