This is your baby and you get to decide on the name. Everyone from grandparents to the postman will ‘help’ you to choose!

Buy yourself a book of baby names. Put your feet up and start reading through it, making notes of possibles as you go

Things to Remember

1)   Most names will get abbreviated, so think of what may happen to the name you’ve so carefully chosen – you may hate it…

2)   Say the names you like out loud, followed by your surname – some will sound better than others

3)   Most books have the meanings and origins of each name – they may be charming, or might put you right off!

4)   If you want a popular name, most books usually include those most chosen over the last few years.

5)   A slightly unusual name can be a plus for your child, especially when they start school. If someone asks “Where’s John / Tom / Peter”, it could be one of several. If they ask, “Where’s Rufus?” – everyone will know who you mean and he will be a personality without even trying.

6)   Caution – if you plump for a way-out child’s name given by your favourite actor, pop star, football player, these can get dated very quickly and believe me, your child will not thank you when he/she gets to school and is teased.


I never bothered my husband by asking to read through the whole book. I simply gave him my short-listed favourites, from which to choose.

Giving your baby 2 or even 3 first names gives them the option of using an alternative, if they hate your 1st choice.

If the baby’s father is set on a name you don’t like, the best time to get your choice is immediately after the birth! You can always use his favourite as a second name.

Why not leave your final choice until after the baby is born. If you have a couple of names and can’t decide, often the baby will suit one more than the other.

The choice of names is enormous – take you time, choose wisely and enjoy it.