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5 Top Tips On How To Choose A Personal Tutor That Is Right For Your Child

Thinking about choosing a personal tutor for your child? The tutoring industry can at times appear to be a minefield and trying to find the right tutor who can adapt sessions for the learning requirements for your child can be extremely difficult to achieve. Finding a personal tutor who will provide specific tailor-made lessons with the added benefits of personalised technology for your child can require vast amounts of research to find. Often, parents will end up hiring someone that lacks experience and real qualifications. And with an industry that is currently unregulated, parents face the risk of hiring an ineffective tutor at a time when professional support is so crucially needed.

Working in partnership with parents

Cognita, the UK’s largest independent school group, has recently launched Cognita Tutoring, setting a new gold standard in online tuition. Cognita recognises that all children are individual and unique, requiring different forms of support at different times during their school career. Cognita Tutoring’s selection of hand-picked tutors work very much in partnership with parents. Tutors ensure the child’s specific needs are understood from the outset and they keep parents informed, with feedback after every session and online parents’ evenings. This makes it easy for the parent to choose the best personal tutor for their child, ensuring their needs and preferences are provided for.

5 top tips on what to consider when choosing a personal tutor:

Look to the professionals

At Cognita Tutoring all personal tutors are qualified teachers, experienced in their chosen subject matter. With their knowledge of the curriculum, they can see where your child is and isn’t progressing and where they need to be, and they know what journey they need to go on to get there. They are qualified in effective strategies for learning.

Access the best teachers in the country

Because all sessions are carried out virtually, you never need to feel limited in any way by geographical restrictions. Connecting remotely, your children can benefit from access to some of the best teachers across the UK in Maths and English (years 3-11) and Science (years 7-11), via Cognita Tutoring.


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Maximise the benefits of technology for your child

AI’ is all around us and recognising this, Cognita Tutoring has partnered with CENTURY – award-winning leaders in the EdTech space. The AI-driven ‘intelligent’ platform combines the very latest research in neuroscience with a highly personalised learning system that can define strengths and weaknesses in your child’s knowledge and tailor their learning accordingly.

Extend your experience (and the investment) beyond the sessions

After each online tutoring session, CENTURY’s micro-lessons (known as ‘nuggets’) can be assigned by the personal tutor. These provide a customised learning path for your child between lessons too. This focuses in on areas the child is struggling with, and can be particularly beneficial in promoting and nurturing self-confidence and independence, by ensuring that the child learns in an individual and focused way.

Monitor your child’s progress

What sets Cognita Tutoring apart from its competitors, is the parent is involved every step of the way. Many parents sign up for tutoring, only to leave their child to their own devices and invariably at the end of sessions, children feel disillusioned and parents feel short-changed. Cognita Tutoring ensures your involvement at every stage, and feedback is given between sessions. Every sixth session a mini ‘Parents Evening’ enables you to discuss your child’s progress with the tutor.

A band-new provision now available from Cognita Tutoring is an 11+ service

The 11+ entrance examination for secondary school, taken towards the end of Year 5, often sees students failing the exam through lack of preparation. Because the exam specifically tests the child’s ability to think critically, responding to instructions and working under time pressure, the new 11+ service hones in on verbal and non-verbal reasoning – subjects not covered in the national curriculum, yet essential for passing the 11+. It also incorporates English and Maths.

In English, skills focus on comprehension, composition and grammar. Experienced 11+ tutors work with the student to practice their skills in building vocabulary, forming opinions, strengthening oral skills, and enhancing language development including narrative and discursive writing, as well as improving spelling, punctuation and other grammatical concepts. For the Maths component, skills focus on knowledge base and problem-solving. Cognita Tutors focus on the national curriculum, as well as developing general, core techniques and topics.

Preparing for the 11+ exam

With Cognita Tutoring’s new 11+ service for years 3-6, the pathway to the 11+ exam need not be as daunting as it previously was. To ensure children have the very best understanding of the exam requirements and to secure them a place in their chosen school, Cognita Tutoring’s personal tutors will guide them through the process. It is recommended up to 12 months of preparation is provided in order to build skills and familiarity with question types.

How much does private tutoring cost?

Each session is tailor-made and costs £55 per student and includes a one-hour session with a qualified teacher; unlimited access to CENTURY – its AI-driven learning platform; feedback after every session for the parent, with access to the tutor between sessions.  For further details please visit

Olivia Wareham, Deputy Head, Huddersfield Grammar School says, “A qualified teacher with an awareness of the curriculum can quickly understand where a child is and isn’t progressing and create a journey to get them where they need to be.  They are able to fully understand the effect of education on children, how to build confidence and maintain a sense of wellbeing.”

Communication between tutor and parent is key

“It is my belief that there should be an openness around tutoring. Communication between the school teacher and the tutor would be hugely beneficial in so many cases for the child, the parents and the school teacher. Their school teacher is putting absolutely everything into the child, and if they are still requiring extra support the tutor can work well with better knowledge and information about their goals and areas of weakness.”

Article by Cognita Tutoring


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