Choosing a baby name can be really exciting, but with lots of couples often disagreeing over names, and one in 20 regretting their final choice, it’s clear the task of choosing a name can be troublesome for many.

Check out this video by Channelmum documenting the new trends this year, which include Shakespearian-themed, space-themed and bird-inspired names!


1. Space names, e.g. Luna, Stella, Nova, Orion – 51%
2. Gender crossover names, e.g. Teddy, Robin and Noel for girls, Carol and Aubrey for boys –
3. ‘Bad’ boys & girls name e.g. Harley, Quinn, Ronnie, Reggie, Kato – 31%
4. Bird names, e.g. Wren, Phoenix, Paloma, Birdie – 28%
5. Virtuous names, e.g. Saint, Hope, Faith – 26%
6. Botanical names taking over from flower names, e.g. Ferne, Bay, Basil, Sage 24%
7. Names meaning wealthy or money, e.g. Ottilie, Elodie, Rafferty, Cash – 12%
8. Shakespearian names, e.g. Hero, Balthazar, Ophelia, Juno – 11%

Most disliked name trends:
1. Double-barrelled names (e.g. Lacey-May, Tyler-Joe) – 51%
2. Children names after sports teams – 40%
3. Unusual spellings – 40%
4. Families using the same first letter for all their children (e.g. Kim, Khloe) – 28%
5. Surnames as first names – 27%
6. Children named after music stars – 22%
7. Children names after films – 20%
8. Giving a child more than two names before the surname – 14%
9. Tough names – 14%

Names predicted to begin to fall OUT of fashion over the next three to five years
1. Donald (Trump effect)
2. Maisy
3. Kia
4. Olivia and Oliver for being too popular
5. Alfie
6. Amelia
7. Isla
8. Jack
9. Arlo
10. Lily

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