So much change happens to your body throughout pregnancy, during childbirth and nursing. No doubt you’ll be an expert in maternity wear having spent nine months adapting your wardrobe around your body, but it doesn’t stop there. Nursing your newborn means choosing bras that are both practical and slightly larger than your usual cup size. In fact your cup size can start to change as early as eight weeks into pregnancy, so choosing bras that last throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding is most practical and least expensive.

Lingerie brand Figleaves are renowned for their designer underwear, swimwear and nightwear, but we’re can’t wait to share with you their collection of nursing and maternity bras. Here’s our top advice as to what to look for in a nursing bra, alongside some fabulous options from Figleaves that we love.

It’s All About Comfort

No bra should feel uncomfortable, otherwise it’s likely you’re wearing the wrong size! Make sure you have a fitting while you’re pregnant to ensure you’re changing up to the right cup size. Uncomfortable ill-fitting bras are just the worst, regardless of whether you’re expecting! What’s more, wearing a bra that is too tight can put you at risk of mastitis or your ducts can become blocked.

ANITA Smooth Flexi Wire Nursing Bra

Easy-Access Open And Close Fastenings

You’ll realise that being able to open and close your bra with one hand is essential. This underwired balconette nursing bra has an easy access clip adjustment simple to unclip and nurse your newborn. We adore the petal pink colour too!

FREYA Pure Underwired Moulded Nursing Bra

Wired Or Non-Wired?

This is always down to personal preference, but if your breasts are feeling super sensitive it may be better to go for a non-wired bra. The Heidi Klum Intimates Range offers some lovely non-wired and non-padded lace options.


Staying Stylish

Feeling stylish and confident often isn’t the top priority after giving birth — ensuring easy access to for breastfeeding is! There are plenty of bras out there that give you that extra style without the extra effort. The bow and lace detail means this doesn’t look like a nursing bra at all! See matching undies too.

PANACHE Sophie Nursing Bra

Getting Into Shape

With so many babywearing exercise classes and postnatal baby-friendly yoga sessions out there, it’s pretty vital having a suitable sports bra that also works as a nursing bra. Look for a secure back and elastic underband for keeping everything in place and feeling comfortable.

CAKE LINGERIE Lotus Comfort & Yoga Nursing Bra

Sleeping In A Bra

Wearing a bra throughout the night isn’t for everyone, but some feel more comfortable with added support in bed. Choose something with no wiring or metal, and something super soft for max comfort.


No-Hassle Bra And Tank Tops

For the minimum amount of hassle, it’s worth investing in some tank tops with built-in nursing bras. Comfy and easy to wear as outerwear, it’s a simple drop-down motion to breastfeed with adjustable straps too!

EMMA JANE Cotton Nursing Tank

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