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7 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing A Stem Cell Bank

Have you thought about collecting your baby’s stem cells or cord blood? Here are seven things you should consider when choosing a stem cell bank.

The science has been around since the 1980s with more than one million stem cell transplants around the world. Stem cells are used to repair tissue, replace body parts and regenerate old organs. It’s an incredible science and one many new parents are investing in.

The Future Health Biobank’s Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation defines SEVEN key considerations when choosing a cord blood bank.


Experience is a good indication of competence in any stem cell bank and ours is second to none. We are the UK’s most experienced cord blood bank, releasing 118 samples for treatment in our 18-year history.


Future Health Biobank privately owns and operate an on-site laboratory in the UK and two storage facilities in the UK and Switzerland, and have done so since our inception. These facilities allow them to remain at the forefront of stem cell technology. They follow the industry-approved volume reduction processing method for all samples, ensuring safety and a cell recovery rate of up to 99% pre-freeze.


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When choosing your stem cell bank, you’ll want to look at how inventory is managed. Future Health Biobank currently stores over 200,000 stem cell samples for over 100,000 families – more than all other UK stem cell banks. 118 of these have been released for treatments so far. All samples are stored at their dedicated storage facilities, which are fully regulated and accredited. Future Health Biobank owns two storage facilities in Nottingham, UK, and Switzerland.


From insurance policies to on-site surveillance, it gives you peace of mind to know that your sample is fully secure. FutureHealth’s storage vessels are monitored 24/7 in real-time using a temperature monitoring system, backed by a team of on-call scientific officers.

Shipment costs

It’s worth looking at costs associated with shipping your sample. Transportation and shipment is totally free of charge anywhere in the world for users of Future Health Biobank. They use their own medically approved courier to transport samples directly, 24/7.


One of the most important factors to consider is whether your chosen stem cell bank is fully licensed and accredited by the relevant regulatory bodies.

Future Health Biobank are one of the most accredited banks in the world, holding MHRA and AABB accreditations, GDP certification and licences from Swissmedic, HTA, OFSP, iSO-9001 and FCA. To ensure they are continuously meeting standards, they comply with each accreditor’s regular audits in addition to performing their own, maintaining the Future Health standard.

Article by Future Health Biobank


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