The beautiful Christiane Duigan is the Director of Bodyfood and Bodyism Global. She’s the cover girl in the best selling diet books written by her husband, James Duigan and the creator of the Brazilian Body Collection, a unique, industry-leading workout wear line. Christiane is the mother to 14 month old Charlotte, with a second baby due in July. 

Tell us a bit about Bodyism and how it came about?

Bodyism is not only a gym but a philosophy based on health and transformations that start in the mind and as a result creates long, lean, athletic bodies that look and feel great.

We started Bodyism over 7 years ago and it has grown to where it is today by us listening to what our clients want and need.

Your husband gave me a copy of Clean and Lean when it came out and proudly told me that the woman on the front cover was you, his wife.  Please tell us your secrets behind your killer body!

It is absolutely eating Clean and Lean. But more then that having a healthy and balanced approach to the way you eat.

This really hit home when I started weaning Charlotte. Previously it was my breast milk that was keeping Charlotte nourished and alive – and then it was the foods that I gave her that had to keep her healthy, nourished and alive!

I now see food as that – fuel that keeps us healthy or makes us sick! So, with that in mind – I only choose the foods that make me feel good and as a result, my body responds and looks OK too!

Proper nourishment, mind set and movement is the key to a body you feel happy with. So I do a combination of training, yoga, pilates, massage and reflexology – all the things I love and am lucky enough to have access to at Bodyism.

In what ways did your diet change when you were pregnant? 

When you get pregnant, your instincts to love and protect your baby kick in straight away – so of course my initial idea what to eat and move well.

But the reality was very different. I was very sick and extremely tired – I had to lay in bed all day with buttered white toast and a bucket next to me! This initially felt really disappointing and naturally i started to worry about the health of the baby. But as time went on – the only thing to do was to accept and embrace what was happening to my body. It is the only way to be ok with the situation. This made me realise how lucky I was to be in perfect health before I got pregnant – that way my body had all the stores of nutrients it needed for my baby (even though it left me without!).

This improved as the pregnancy progressed – and the moment Charlotte was born, my cravings for delicious, nutritious, clean and lean foods came back instantly!

I do have a message for expecting mums and that is if you are not able to stick to healthy foods while you are pregnant – DONT WORRY! For 9 months – just don’t worry about it. Accept and embrace all the changes happening to your body while you grow your baby, the most precious thing you will ever have in your life, because post baby, you can eat normally again and you can get your body back!

Did your body change much after having babies?

As every mother, your body changes enormously while you’re pregnant. It’s a miracle what our bodies can do. It is much easier to accept now in my second pregnancy then in my first, as it was all new and strange. I thought I would never get my body back, but 9 months after having given birth, my body was back to how it was before. I would say it takes 9 months to make a baby, 9 months to recover.

Do you have a favourite family recipe?

My favourite winter recipe is a slow cooked lamb shoulder. I go to the Duke of York Square farmer’s market every Saturday to get my organic vegetables fresh farm meat there. I put all the seasonal vegetables in a pot with the lamb and a few herbs and slow cook it for about 6 hours. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare, which allows me to get on with the day and it’s then ready for dinner time.

What’s it like working closely with your husband?

It as been amazing, and my dream. It’s so much fun – it’s dynamic, interesting and gives us so many projects and goals to work at and achieve together. Initially it took a while for us both to find our place and roles and to learn how to work together but we now have it down perfectly – James is really inspiring and a great example, I’m constantly learning from him. I have my strengths too, so together we make a great team.  

What’s on top of your to-do list this week?

  • Take Charlotte to swimming class
  • Meeting with our new General Manager
  • Yoga
  • Cook lamb shoulder hot pot
  • Finish edits on the next book ‘Guide to a Clean & Lean Pregnancy’

Do you ever indulge in anything naughty, and if so, what would that be?

Absolutely – I LOVE chocolate. Anything warm, gooey and chocolatey like a chocolate fondant. I eat it guilt-free and enjoy every mouthful!

I’ve actually gone completely off sugar in my second pregnancy which I was SO disappointed about!! I now don’t have that to look forward to on the weekend!

What’s the one baby product you couldn’t have lived without?


How would you sum yourself up in one sentence?

As James describes: ‘Her healthy, balanced and positive approach to life and commitment to excellence shines though in everything she does’