This week for our Mumpreneur feature, we interview Christina Agnew, the co-founder of Radiance Cleanse. Christina lives in Richmond with her partner and her one year old son Rory.

Q1) What was the inspiration behind Radiance Cleanse?

Clare [Neill – Radiance’s co-founder] and I both have personal experience of the benefits of juice cleansing. We were working in exhausting and ultimately unsatisfying City jobs, in law and finance. We are best friends from school and always shared an interest in health, fitness and nutrition. So we loved the idea of setting up a company together that would bring our passion, juice cleansing, to a wider audience. We had noticed juice cleanse and diet delivery companies popping up in the US and that inspired us to make it work in the UK. We spent a long time researching how to make the best quality fresh organic juices and how to deliver them nationwide, since it was really important to us that our service be available outside London, where we are based.

Q2) How often do you detox, and is it more difficult now you’re a mother? 

I try to cleanse seasonally, so four times per year – and this is also what we recommend to most of our clients. I used to do a full five day cleanse but that is definitely more difficult now that I’m a mother and constantly running around after a demanding and energetic toddler! That’s one of the reasons why I am super excited about Radiance’s newest product, our “Rest Days”. They are single day juice fasts that can be done monthly or even weekly. 24 hours of organic, cold-pressed juice is just enough to blow away the cobwebs, if done regularly. Now that I have less free time, I prefer the little and often approach.

Q3) Which three ingredients can be usually found in your fridge and larder?

Blueberries, avocados and coconut water.

Q4) Do you have a fitness regime? Do you find it harder to stay fit looking after a baby? 

My fitness regime is certainly much less structured than it used to be! I try to get out with my running buggy a couple of times a week – we are lucky enough to live right beside Richmond Park, which is a beautiful place to run and my son can watch the deer and dogs. Quite often I can be found squeezing in a quick workout in my living room while my son has his lunchtime nap. I read a good reminder about making time for a workout recently: each day has 1440 minutes, so allocating 20 minutes for your workout is only 1.4% of your day. That makes a short daily workout seem manageable.  When I do have time for a class, I love reformer Pilates or barrecore in Chelsea.

Q5) What’s your favourite baby product? 

The Bambino Merino sleeping bag. I have three to make sure one will always be clean! They are quite expensive compared to other sleeping bags but beautifully soft,  have tons of growing room and help to regulate your child’s temperature through the night.

Q6) What one style tip would you give to mothers on the go? 

Invest in a nice scarf. It can pull together an otherwise simple outfit and doubles as an extra baby blanket!

Q7) Tell me a secret about London? 

Oh, I don’t know! My best secret place is Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.

Q8) How do you stay healthy when travelling abroad? 

I take a lot of things with me! I take individual sachets of Amazing Grass superfoods powder, a packet of Teapigs Mao Feng green tea and one of Pukka detox tea plus aKlean Kanteen insulated flask (which is also great for keeping baby food warm), probiotics, liquid chlorella to add to my water, raw chocolate and organic almonds to snack on. I also take Tata Harper stress treatment and Annee de Mamiel altitude oil. For my son I take goji berries and dried unsulphured apricots, almond butter and cashew nut butter, arnica and Green People sticky hand sanitiser.

Q9) What’s your ultimate day with the family? 

Cycling together to the beach for a picnic and lots of laughter over buckets and spades.

Q10) How would you sum yourself in one sentence?

I try to live by Virgil’s quote “the greatest wealth is health”, although you’ve got to have fun with it.