If there is one thing we have plenty of during this period, it’s cardboard boxes and cardboard packaging. It’s about time I create a new Christmas themed busy bag, so I used a discarded box and turned it into a Christmas cardboard jigsaw for us to use.

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To make your own Christmas cardboard jigsaw you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Pencils/paints/pens
  • Scissors

There are a number of ways that you can actually make these. There is the in-depth way, or the quick and easy way.

christmas cardboard jigsaw

For a more in-depth way, cut out the size of cardboard you want. I actually used the sides of a cereal box; it meant that the cardboard was thin enough to cut through easily. On the plain side I drew my pictures and then coloured them in. Of course you could let your little ones colour it in before you cut it up. Or, alternatively your little ones could draw the pictures themselves. I used a couple of videos by Art for Kids Hub on YouTube for step-by-step guides. I highly recommend!

For a much quicker way, find and print out a Christmas picture online. Then glue it onto your cardboard.

Finally cut up your Christmas cardboard jigsaw. I do have a slight confession; I really liked my owl picture that I couldn’t bring myself around to cut it up. It is currently stuck on my cupboard door.

christmas cardboard jigsaw

BB found the writing slightly hard to put together, but he did manage the rest of it. It was slightly annoying that the pieces kept sliding around when he put them together, so I have added Blue Tack to the back of them.

christmas cardboard jigsaw

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Turn bits of cereal boxes into a Christmas cardboard jigsaw busy bag to keep little ones engaged this festive period.