When your little ones are sent home for the Christmas holidays, you can guarantee they’ll be loaded up with crafty creations, including cutout snowflakes. It is a pretty standard Christmas craft to do. However, these snowflakes are not your average snowflakes, and I think that they are truly beautiful ones to make. It took me a few attempts to really get the effect I wanted, but it was worth it.

You will need

  • Coffee filters
  • Felt tip pens
  • Water sprayer
  • Scissors

How to make chromatography snowflakes

  1. Colour in your filter. This doesn’t need to be neat, they can literally scribble all over it.
  2. Place another blank filter underneath the one that you have just decorated.
  3. Completely spray the top coffee filter with water; the pen should begin to bleed onto the filter underneath.
  4. Turn them over and now spray the blank filter with the one you originally decorated underneath it.
  5. When it is completely damp, press down on them to transfer as much colour as possible.
  6. Separate them and fold both in half, then half again and finally half again. You should be left with what looks like a slice of a circle. Now start to cut shapes out of the sides.
  7. Finally, open it up to see your finished results and leave to dry out.

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