I am really excited for the run up to Christmas this year. BB is old enough to know start joining in on some of the activities and prep. He still has no understanding of what Christmas is, but I’m excited to see what his reactions will be. As a large majority of my crafts will be geared towards EC and YC I made BB this Christmas tree threading activity. That way when we are doing something that is a little bit advanced for him, I can pull out this activity and he can still sit and play with us.

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To make this Christmas tree threading activity you will need:

  • Felt or foam
  • Craft stick
  • Scissors
  • Corks
  • Pen
  • Hot glue gun

Start by colouring in your corks (and craft stick if necessary) and leaving them to dry.

Next of either foam or felt cut out a series of circles. I did around 32 in the end. I also cut out a star to go on to the top of the tree. Cut a slit in the middle of each of the circles so that they fit easily onto the craft sticks. I did mine in foam as I had more left over pieces, but it does make it slightly harder to take them on and off. If you use foam you may want to make the slit slightly wider.

Glue the corks to the bottom of the craft stick to make the base. Then finally put your circles on to make the Christmas tree shape.

Christmas tree threading activity

BB enjoys pulling all the circles off and scattering them before trying to put them all back on. When the pieces are too stiff to put on I would hold the tree still while he put the circles back on.

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Christmas tree threading busy bag to help with fine motor skills