Make your very own cinema!

You don’t need to venture outside to watch your favourite film!

All you need is a cardboard box! Cut a hole in the top to place your smart phone/tablet in and then a hole to put your head in at the side and Voila! You have surround sound and your very own home cinema!

Make up a song!

Using the music of one of your favourite tunes, re-write lyrics about everything you know and love. If you have access to the internet, get on you-tube and sing along to a backing track!

Be Italian and create a pizza from scratch!

We are loving Morrison’s pizza base mix! Kneading and shaping the dough is so much fun! Our personal favourite toppings are pepperoni and BBQ chicken! Yum!

Create a Den!

With the weather being blustery outside, it’s the perfect excuse to grab quit covers, blankets and cushions to make your amazing den to stay inside! Tell stories and imagine you’re in your very own magical world!

Make a music video to your favourite song!

Pick your music, Choose a Pop star costume and away you go! Digital cameras and mobile phones are ideal to film short clips!

Time for a Treasure Hunt!

Hide the treasure and create a map taking your friends and family around your home! What will they find under the stairs or in the cupboards?!

DVD Dominos!

What a challenge! Stand your DVD’s in a line as long and as wavy as you can… Be careful not to knock them until your ready! Watch the amazing chain reaction take place on a giant scale!

Grow your own!

Fill a clear bag full of compost and drop a seed of your choice into it. Check the bag over the following days to see how the seed germinates and grows! Have fun watching the root formation and then plant outside when ready.

Put on a show!

Find props and costumes from around the house and let your front room become your stage! Hang a sheet across your doorframe to become your very own dressing room!

Cardboard Box Theatre!

How would you like to create your very own puppet theatre? Cut a square in the centre of the cardboard for the front and then draw and colour scenery onto pieces of cards to sit inside. Why not make characters and props out of recyclables.. milk bottle tops for the sun, yogurt pots for cars.. the options are endless!

Paint a pot!

Refresh your old terracotta plant pots by using pencils, crayons, paints and old nail varnishes to let your creativity go wild and personalize an old garden favourite! We used all of Emma’s red nail varnish! Oops!

Own your own chip shop!

Cut potatoes into your favourite chip shapes, season them and place them in the oven! Get some old newspapers and roll them into open-top cone shapes! Transfer your chips into the cones for an authentic, classic chip shop experience! We love to drizzle them in Balsamic vinegar and dunk them in ketchup!