With National Storytelling Week just a few days away, we thought we would take a look back on some of the classic tales we enjoyed growing up and why you should encourage your little baba to participate in this year’s National Storytelling Week.

From Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of The Little Mermaid to Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, we have collected some of the most iconic stories to relive during National Storytelling Week.

To participate in this year’s event, head down to your local storytelling club, theatre, museum of school to join in with the storytelling festivities!

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, Usborne Children’s Books
Age rating: 8+

With the Disney remake still relatively fresh in our minds, what better time to introduce Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. Let your kids rediscover the power of imagination and prove how illustrations can be just as magical as feature-length movies.


Peep inside a fairy tale: Sleeping Beauty, Usborne Children’s Books
Age rating 3+

Perfectly tailored for little ones, this interactive retelling of Sleeping Beauty is the perfect book to keep little babas entertained. With peep-through holes and colourful illustrations, you can be sure that children will be kept engaged throughout the whole story.


Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift, Amazon
Age rating: 8+

Another classic children’s book that got transformed into a Hollywood blockbuster movie; if Jack Black isn’t quite your cup of tea, introduce your kids to the paperback book and rediscover the joy of reading.


The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl, Wordery
Age rating: 5+

This full-edition colour book is the perfect read that keeps kids turning the pages. Aimed more specifically at little ones, The Enormous Crocodile follows the tale of a crocodile who is looking for something…or someone to tuck into!


Theseus and the Minotaur by James Ford, Amazon
Age rating: 6+

Looking for a classic that’s a little different? Check out some tales based on Ancient Greek mythology and let your children’s imagination run wild.


The Railway Children by E. Nesbit, Book People
Age rating: 9+

This heart-warming tale is an ideal book for kids to sink their teeth into. Filled with adventure, emotion and suspense, this classic story is a compelling read for children between 9 and 12.


My Golden Ticket by Roald Dahl,Wordbly
Age rating: 5+

Let your child experience Willy Wonka’s factory in a unique way. This personalised rewrite of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the perfect way to engage excitement over a classic story.

The Little Mermaid And Other Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson, Wordery
Age rating: 8+

This fully coloured and illustrated book showcases 17 of Andersen’s stories, including The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Pea and The Snow Queen. Perfect for children that want to embark on multiple adventures.


The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, Gruffalo.com
Age rating: 3+

This modern-day classic is the ideal book for younger audiences. With its follow up book The Gruffalo’s Child, your child can get caught up in the world of the Gurffalo.


Charlotte’s Web by E.B White, Kobo
Age rating: 7+

This heart-felt novel on love, life, death and friendship is a crowd-pleaser, appreciated by various generations.