I remember making clay pinch pots at school. So when YC came up and started asking if we could make some stuff out of clay, I immediately thought of them.

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To make your own clay pinch pots you will need:

  • Clay
  • Acrylic paint

I also set out a rolling pin and some play dough tools.

The clay we used was an air drying modelling clay; it isn’t exactly clay, but it feels and acts like it.

To make the clay pinch pots all you need is a small lump of clay to mold into a ball. Then gently push your thumb into the centre and slowly push (or pinch) the clay out to make a bigger hole. Keep going until you have a pot of the desired shape and size.

The great thing about working with clay is, if it doesn’t go right you can simply start again.

If you find that the clay is drying out, simply dip your fingers into some water and then moisten the clay.

It took just over 24hrs for our clay pinch pots to completely dry out. You can always speed this up by putting them in an airing cupboard. Don’t forget to turn it over to allow the bottom to dry.

When it came time to painting them, we used acrylic paint. I encouraged YC not to get the brush too wet or it might spoil the clay.

These little pots make just the right size to have by your bed to put loose items in like hair ties, bobby pins, and necklaces.

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