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10 Reasons Your Newborn Needs The ClevaPure Air Purifier In Their Nursery

Parents will do anything to protect their baby’s health, but some things are just out of our control, such as toxic air. Leading nursery brand ClevaMama has launched their new ClevaPure Air Purifier to combat toxic air and give parents peace of mind this winter.

Every two minutes in the UK a baby is born in an area with dangerously polluted air which could put them at risk of developing a serious health condition. Research reveals that 84 percent of parents worry about their baby’s health more than ever before and in particular, their exposure to allergens (60 percent).

Here are ten reasons why a newborn needs the ClevaPure Air Purifier in their nursery:

To remove indoor pollutants such as mould, pet dander and pollen that can trigger allergies

Parents believe mould and dust (53 percent) could be the factors most likely to trigger their child’s allergies to be triggered, followed closely by pollen (47 percent) and having a pet (40 percent).

ClevaMama’s new ClevaPure Air Purifier is one of the only affordable, medical grade, ozone-free air purifiers on the market and helps to protect little ones against indoor pollutants such as mould, dust mites, bacteria, allergens, pollen, viruses, smoke, and odors.

To help babies with any respiratory issues such as asthma by removing toxic particles in the air that can irritate them

The ClevaPure Air Purifier removes almost 99.95% of irritants that can trigger asthma and allergies in young children. Shockingly, only  29 percent of parents say they own an air purifier for their baby’s nursery. Yet, 67 percent of respondents were aware that they should be using an air purifier to help remove irritants and allergens from their baby’s nursery to help reduce allergies.

To help prevent any bacterial infections such as respiratory Strep A or Covid by removing viruses in the air

Since Covid regulations were lifted, babies are being exposed to more viruses meaning that winter infections are rife this year. What’s more, there has been a huge spike in Strep A this winter having a significant impact on babies’ health.

The new ClevaPure Air Purifier filters out viruses with particles bigger than 0.3 ?m microns meaning that it can help to remove Strep A and other winter infections.

Because it contains the highest standard medical grade filter and is Ozone free (crucial for babies)

Ozone can damage the lungs even in low quantities. If you’re looking for an air purifier to use around your baby, never choose a filter that can generate ozone. The ClevaPure Air Purifier is an excellent addition to the market for any worried parents, containing medical grade filters and is specifically Ozone free, which is the safest option for babies.

It can remove any germs that are brought into the home from nursery/schools/play dates/ play centres/playgroups

As babies spend on average up to 6 hours per day in their nursery, Ozone free air purifiers ensure good quality and safer air indoors.  We have all heard the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’. Removing germs from our homes may well help improve the health of our children.

It’s super quiet meaning baby is protected without the worry of disruption

Getting a good night’s sleep as a mum to a newborn is challenging enough without noisy air purifiers disturbing your little one’s sleep. The new ClevaPure AirPurifer produces next to no noise ensuring your baby’s sleep isn’t disrupted.

To keep an overall clean and healthy nursery

ClevaMama believes that a healthier, happier and cleaner nursery can help your child breathe easier and can have a huge impact on their development and future health.

Because it’s super cute and sleek design can fit into any nursery

The ClevaPure Air Purifier has a sleek and compact design that can fit into any nursery, the new ClevaPure Purifier will engage children through its unique robot style. The eyes light up happy when the air is clean and become sad when the air is not. Being lightweight and portable, the purifier can be easily used anywhere, at home or while away.

Because it is so easy to use

The ClevaPure Air Purifier is extremely easy to use. It is complete touch or smart control and is compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

To give parents peace of mind

With more than 80 percent of parents worrying about their baby’s health more than ever before. This purifier can put parents’ minds at rest as we go through the colder months.

Shop now

The ClevaPure Air Purifier will be available to purchase on the ClevaMama website with an RRP of £184.99 and retails nationwide.

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