TotsBots is passionate about raising awareness about the multitude of benefits that cloth nappies bring to every family and the planet too. The team are delighted to be supporting Real Nappy Week once again and this year will mark the occasion with a social media campaign. This will encourage people to join them on Facebook, Twitter, IG and G+ to discuss the benefits and share experiences. Best of all, TotsBots will give away a nappy a day to celebrate – a real must for reusable nappy addicts, new converts and parents thinking about using cloth nappies.

Real Nappy Week, which is taking place from today (28th April) until May 4th, aims to raise awareness about why families should go green when it comes to nappies. By using cloth, parents will divert in the region of 4,000 indisposable nappies from landfill, nappies that will still be there 500 years from now. Choosing cloth will also halve your weekly rubbish and more importantly, your carbon footprint could be up to 40% smaller! Real Nappy Week also educates on the misconception of cost involved in choosing cloth. Using reusable nappies can actually save parents up to £500 per baby and even better, lots of local councils offer cashback incentives.

Commenting on Real Nappy Week, Fiona Smyth, Founder of TotsBots said: “We have such an exciting week ahead – It’s the nation’s week to celebrate the wonders of real nappies and it gives TotsBots the chance to really engage with our fans and recruit new ones! We are all about creating a fluffy world to pee in, but I started this company to combat the harsh realities of what disposables mean for our environment. TotsBots is the best choice for not only the planet, but also for your baby’s bottom and your wallet too, not to mention your little one’s style. Real Nappy Week is a great opportunity to get this message out there!”