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4 Coca Cola Experiments

We have all heard the stories of how if you leave a tooth in coca cola that it will completely dissolve. EC was telling us how he had been doing this sort of experiment at school.  Well I don’t have access to a tooth to see if that will happen but I do have a fridge full of eggs. As we were doing this experiment I thought it would be fun to try a few other coca cola experiments.

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You will need:

  • Coca cola bottles
  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Frying pan
  • Container

Coca Cola Experiment No. 1 – Coke and Egg

coca cola experiments

This experiment takes a while to do. Simply put your egg into a container and cover it with coke.  We left ours in the fridge for a week.  After a few days the shell started to turn a really dirty colour. After a week the shell had dissolved away.

Coca Cola Experiment No. 2 – Coke and Milk

coca cola experiments

While this experiment doesn’t take as long as the first one is still takes a while. Simply add some milk to the coke and let it sit.  Over the next couple of hours the milk will start to react with the coke and eventually the coke will turn clear! It looks absolutely vile, but YC and EC found that exteremly cool.  None of us where brave enough to try it though.

coca cola experiments

After a few hours

The high acidic content of the coke causes the milk to curdle. As it sits there the phosphoric acid molecules starts to bind to the milk molecules making them denser.  These then fall to the bottom of the bottle leaving behind the clear liquid.

coca cola experiments

The next day!

Coco Cola Experiment No. 3 – Evaporate Coke

coca cola experiments

Pour your coke into a frying pan and boil it off. You will be left with a gross tar like substance.

coca cola experiments

Now this one we did try. Please let it cool down before you try it, it is basically sugar and it will burn if it is too hot.  I found it really gross, but YC and EC seemed to enjoy it.  Although YC later told me that EC was only pretending to like it.

coca cola experiments

Yuck! Although part of me wants to know would you get ordinary coke again if you add the water back to it.

Coco Cola Experiment No. 4 – Coke and Mentos

diet coke and mentos

We didn’t actually do this experiment this time. But you can find it here.  My only point would be to actually use diet coke for this as it is less sticky and certainly do this one outside.

I hope these coca cola experiments haven’t put you off drinking fizzy. Be sure to check out my overnight crystals and rubber egg experiment.

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4 coca cola experiments to do that are both gross and really cool.


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