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Expert Tips For Nappy Changing On-The-Go

Changing your baby’s nappy when you’re on the go can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re a new parent. Wriggly toddlers can make life tricky, and new babies can surprise at any moment with an overflowing explosion. But fear not! To celebrate the new Cocomelon nappies by Rascal + Friends‘, nappy expert Christie P has shared her top tips to make nappy changing on the go a complete breeze.

On the go? Nappy changing tips to make life easier

Get organised

The key to changing when you’re on the move with your little one is preparation. Get yourself an easy-to-use nappy bag with multiple compartments for your nappies, wipes, nappy rash cream and changing mat.

Having everything organised and in the correct place means that when you’re in a rush to change your little one’s nappy, you don’t have to worry about digging to the bottom of your bag for that little pot of nappy cream. Make sure that before you leave the house your nappy bag is fully packed and well-stocked. There’s a huge range of nappy bags on the market, so you can even get one that matches your style.

It’s all about distraction

Nappy changing doesn’t have to be a drag for your baby. The easiest way to keep them occupied without the need for carrying lots of additional toys is using nappies with fun prints on them.

By having nappies have a recognisable print, like Rascal + Friends’ newest CoComelon range, you can give them one to hold and point out their favourite characters and colours helping to keep them occupied whilst changing.

Have a sing-along

You might get funny looks from strangers, but singing to your baby can make a world of difference to nappy changing time.

By keeping spirits high and making nappy changing time fun, your little one will love getting their nappy changed and won’t make a fuss even in unfamiliar surroundings. Songs like the CoComelon potty training song are sure-fire hits to keep your little one entertained.


Having a travel changing mat with you at all times is essential when you have a baby in nappies. Lots of places don’t have adequate changing facilities, so make sure you’re prepared and have a changing mat with you. You can then use this to change nappies in all kinds of places such as the boot of a car or the pram. Just always make sure you keep one hand on your baby so they can’t roll off. You can get lots of travelling changing mats that fold or roll up so they don’t take up too much space in your bag.

Use puppy pads

Puppy pads can be really useful to pack in your bag. You can place one over your changing mat or use it instead of a mat if you don’t have one with you. This means that you won’t need to worry about cleaning up the mat and can simply bin the pad after use.

Fold a few into your nappy bag and keep them stocked up for any out-and-about changes.

Use a cold wet wipe

It’s well known that some babies can get quite upset when having their nappy changed – this can be down to the cold hair suddenly hitting their bottom, leaving them feeling exposed.

Get a cold wet wipe from your bag and wipe it across your little one’s lower belly, just under the waistband of their nappy. Wait about a minute and then take off their nappy for a change. This helps to mimic the cold air that will hit their body when the nappy comes off, helping them to feel more adjusted. It can also encourage them to do a wee beforehand, saving you even more mess.

Rascal + Friends x CoComelon nappies

Rascal + Friends was created by a mum on a mission to design a nappy that could be affordable, efficient, and gentle to baby’s skin. After much research, they created one of the best nappies in town, offering the perfect fit and 12-hour leak protection. Now they’ve teamed up with cult kids’ TV show CoComelon to bring you the ultimate collaboration featuring JJ and his friends.

The Potty Training Song

With over 135 million subscribers, CoComelon is the #1 most-watched kids brand on YouTube worldwide. Cocomelon’s super-catchy “Potty Training Song” is the perfect accompaniment to Rascal + Friends’ line of premium nappies and training pants, and together, this partnership is set to help take the stress out of nappy changing and potty training. 

Kids and adults alike will love this Cocomelon collab, because they are nappies made to move in, they’re free from nasties and they’re exceptionally soft, offering a superior fit. Oh, and they don’t cost a butt-load.

Shop now

Rascal + Friends’ limited-edition CoComelon prints are available in size 3-6 nappies and 4-6 nappy pants with prices starting from £5 / €6 per pack. Purchase online and in-store, exclusively at Tesco.

Loved by parents around the world, Rascal + Friends nappy products are available in over 20 countries and boast thousands of 5-star reviews. 



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