I don’t know about you but I absolutely HATE cold callers.


I was involved in a car accident in February 2012 where I hit another car from behind (so yes, totally my fault), yet since then I have had at least two calls a month, and still do even now, from insurance companies advising me I should claim compensation for an accident that wasn’t my fault… Bonkers.

PPI is another bug bear of mine.


I’ve never had a loan, and the credit cards I’ve owned previously were most definitely paid off way before any interest was applied, so it’s safe to say, I’m really not entitled to any kind of PPI payout. Ya hear me you PPI pests?! None! Zilch! Nada!  Go away!

Funnily enough, that does not stop the calls.


I must have had at least ONE HUNDRED calls to-date telling me that I’m entitled to thousands of pounds. Straight up. I decided on one occasion to play along and asked how much I was entitled to, to which they then backtracked saying they’d need to check as to whether I was in fact entitled to anything at all, despite when answering the phone they confirmed they had records proving I was entitled to lots of money. Lots and lots of it!


And while we’re at it, my other pet hate is when you answer the phone and nobody, not. a. sooooooul is there. Tumbleweed rolls past you. Your eyes glaze over. Your blood pressure rises. It’s a minute snatched from your life you’re never ever going to get back. How could they do this to me?! How could they be so cruel! *SOBS*


I know their game. They’re sat at their desks with their Janet Jackson headsets on, calling fifteen people at a time to guarantee an answer, and you’re there, waiting with bated breath, your heart is pounding in your chest – because everybody knows that NOBODY calls the landline anymore unless someone has died, or something important has happened – maybe it’s Great Aunt Flo having a heart attack on the other end, unable to speak! Ah… No. It’s just some god damn call centre. It’s a real blood-y bore.

My husband, who fancies himself as a bit of a joker, always takes the phone off me when he knows it’s a cold call and shouts stupid things down the phone:


‘Yup, yup – no, I much prefer flan!’ is his latest retort.

But, there’s a glimmer of hope – if you haven’t heard, there may be a way that you can minimise some of those annoying calls by using this handy text ‘Opt-Out’ service. If you didn’t already know about it, you can find all the details here. Good luck!

Cold calls. Bye bye!