colour changing slime

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Colour Changing Slime

The slime craze is still going strong and I know quite a few parents and nannies who are totally over it. EC and YC still love their slime and have been asking for months if we could create some more. We actually had an incident a couple of months a go when they managed to get slime stuck onto their bed sheets, carpet, curtain and sofa! Don’t ask me how they managed it, they are kids, they will always find a way to get it places it shouldn’t be. There was a suitable period of the house being a no-slime area but that is over and slime is once again on the go. This slime is not just an ordinary slime, it is a colour changing slime! Meaning that it changes colour due to a temperature change.

Just in case you are wondering ice is the best way to get slime out (as you would with chewing gum).

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You will need:

*it needs to contain some form of Borax in it. The one we used was a Boots own brand that contained Boric Acid in.

colour changing slime

Pour your glue into a bowl, we used one container of elmer’s school glue which was about 4 fluid oz. Next add 1/2 tsp of bicarbonate of soda and mix together.

colour changing slime

Once mixed together add about 1/2 tsp of the thermochromic pigment and again mix together. We used one that changed from one colour to another. If you are using one that doesn’t have a starting colour you will need to add a couple of drops of food colouring to the mix first. This gives you a base colour which will change to the new colour when it either gets hot or cold.

colour changing slime

Squirt in some of the shaving foam and continue mixing. Shaving foam can lighten any colour that you have added so you may want to add more at this stage. We have generally found that the more you handle it the darker the colour becomes anyway.

colour changing slime

Finally add the saline solution and keep mixing until the slime comes away from the bowl. When it does that, take it out and start to kneed it until it forms a slime that wont stick to your fingers.

When we first tested it we thought that it might change colour with colder temperatures. It was, however, the warmer temp that turned it from pink to yellow. Again the more you play with it the quicker it will change. Even I managed to get it to change colour just using the heat from my hands, and I have cold hands.

YC and EC loved this new colour changing slime. It really did add a hole new level to the experience. Another good reason for making slime is that it helps develop hand muscles which are needed for writing. YC’s teacher said that having some of this in her hand to squeeze and manipulate would help her pen control.

If you liked my colour changing slime be sure to see some of my other slime recipes like: flubber, Pokemon slime, and taste safe slime for babies.

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Take your slime up a notch with this heat sensitive colour changing slime.

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