One of BB’s favourite books is “The Colour Monster.”  It is a brilliant book about a monster who is feeling all mixed up because he has all these different emotions.  It then goes onto sort out the different colours as emotions i.e., red is anger, green is for calm, black is fear etc.  We love reading it and using it as a starting block for talking about which colour we are feeling at the moment.  I then used this book as an inspiration for doing a Colour Monster sensory tray.

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To make your own Colour Monster sensory tray you will need:

  • A big piece of cardboard
  • Pen
  • Different coloured pompoms/disks/balls
  • Jars

colour monster sensory tray

This part is optional, you could just put everything into a large tray, it is just more fun to do it this way.  On a big piece of cardboard draw your monster.

Once you have finished put your different coloured objects on it.  The first time we used it, I used coloured felt balls.  For the second time, I used colourful magnetic disks with a magnet wand.

colour monster sensory tray

BB then sorted all the different colours into the different labelled jars.  I didn’t make BB play with the Colour Monster sensory tray, but left it set up on the side for him to play with at his leisure.

The whole activity was an immense success and one that is easy to pull out and do again.

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The Colour Monster sensory tray for  kids.