Do you remember those scratch art packs?  They were black, and when you scratched off the black it revealed a rainbow of colours underneath it.  A while ago (probably something like 7 years) I made our own set of them.  Well, this colour transfer craft is kind of similar, without having to scratch off the black.

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To do your own colour transfer craft you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pastels*
  • Pencil

*I used oil pastels for our base paper, but you could experiment with other mediums like crayon or chalk.

colour transfer craft

Completely colour in one piece of paper.  Make it as colourful as possible.

colour transfer craft

Next put a piece of paper over the top of it and draw out your picture.  You may have to push harder than you would normally do if you were drawing.

colour transfer craft

When you are done, lift up your piece of paper and check the other side.  You should be left with a beautiful colourful transfer on the other side.  Please note, if you are going to write something, you will need to do it backwards!  Because if you don’t, like me (what a muppet, you think I would have learnt this by now), your writing will be back to front.

You can use the same piece of paper that you coloured quite a few times.  After a few drawings I went over the colours again.

BB really enjoyed doing this.  He got his stencils out to draw with.

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