Last week’s weather turned out to be pretty hideous with gala force winds, which put any plans of extended outside activities on hold. Thankfully, this week has been glorious and we have spent the majority of our time outside playing. My eldest charge was desperate to go on a bike ride with his Dad, so one morning everyone put on their bike riding gear and headed out.  To make it slightly more interesting and to encourage them to look around we made it into a colour walk /bike ride. All that was involved was me talking along a basket and everyone keeping a look out for as many different coloured flowers, leafs, stones or interesting objects that we could find. They were so eager to start that they raided their garden to see what they could find.

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After our highly successful, and very muddy ride/walk we took our finds into the kitchen to sought it out. My eldest charge dug out his wildlife book so that we could look up what we had found, and then we placed our favourite flowers into his flower press.

colour walk

I am very lucky that both my little ones love to be outside and exploring, but if you have little ones that aren’t quite so keen on going for walks then this activity may encourage them to head out and discover the natural world around them.

Off to explore

Off to explore

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Take your little ones on a colour walk and see how many different colours that you can find.