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Why Poki Could Be The Solution To Back-To-School Blues

It’s September, and you know what that means. If you’ve got little ones, you’ll know the pain of shepherding them back to school, watching the looks on their little faces. Sometimes, they give you a betrayed, sharp-eyed stare; other times it’s the unqualified despair of having to break their summer holidays for more learning. If your kids are genuinely excited to go back to school, you have my undying envy!

What you need is something to help your kids feel happy and engaged after school. You’re never going to get them to love the prospect of heading back to their miniature version of the daily grind, but you can make home-time as appealing a prospect as possible. For that, you need something fun, something they can look forward to. Lots of kids these days are gamers, so enticing them with some gaming is a good start.

Poki is a super-popular online gaming platform offering free online games to over 30 million users around the globe. Poki is best known for exclusive web games like Crossy Road, Subway Surfers, and these other popular games. Whether you’re after io games or other fun categories, Poki is the perfect place to go for gaming right from your web browser.


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It doesn’t get much better than the game that started the entire genre, so where better to begin with io games than Naturally, you can play on Poki just like you can a bunch of other io games, but for my money, this one is where you should start if you’re looking to get into the genre. Your kids will love the simplicity and straightforward controls of this game.

Here’s how it works. In, all the players are little cells in a petri dish. Your objective is to become the biggest and most dominant cell in the dish. To that end, you can collide with other players and absorb them. Doing so will make you bigger. That’s all there is to it; there aren’t any complicated mechanics or difficult things to learn about, which is what makes it so brilliantly accessible.

The controls in really couldn’t be simpler. All you need is a mouse and you’re golden. You don’t even need that technically; you could play with a laptop trackpad and get the same result. All you’re doing is moving the mouse around, so this game is perfect even for younger kids who don’t quite have the motor skills for console or complex PC gaming yet.

It’s pretty amazing how creator Matheus Valadares has managed to boil the essential multiplayer gaming experience down to such a basic concept, and yet it still works. Your kids can create their own little avatars for their cell blobs, which makes them feel more personal. The censorship for the blobs is pretty good, too, so there isn’t much chance of your little ones encountering something they shouldn’t.

If you want to see where all this io game stuff started, it’s well worth visiting and taking a look at Poki’s version of it. Games like and really wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Matheus Valadares’ ambitious yet extremely simple game. Honestly, when I play, the biggest question on my mind is this: how had it not been done before?

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