Summer is a great time to be playing with water and running around outside. Unfortunately for us, water play and running around is off of the books at the moment. Instead of having sensory trays with water and ice, we have had a construction sensory tray instead. This is a really good one for children who have casts on and you are worried about getting them wet, or getting sand and things in them.

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To make your own construction sensory tray you will need:

  • Tray (or trays)
  • Gravel/dirt
  • Wooden blocks
  • Toy construction vehicles

Fill your tray with your stuff. We actually had a nifty table from Ikea that has two trays in it that we used.

construction sensory tray

BB really enjoyed playing with this. He would move the blocks from one tray to another using the constructions toys. Then using the diggers he would clear the gravel and put the bricks back.

construction sensory tray

With this sort of play it is very much child led. I don’t show them what to do or how to play with it. I like to sit close by and observe, unless invited to play by the child. It is a nice way to sit back with a cup of tea while still being close enough to be engaged. After about 10 minutes or so he would ask me to do something like help him build something for the cow that he added to the sensory tray.

We had this construction sensory tray out for a good couple of weeks, he didn’t play with it every day, but he was fully engaged with it when we were outside with it.

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Construction sensory tray play

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