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Leonora’s Favourite Cookbooks For Feeding The Whole Family

I wanted to share with you the cookery books that I rely on week in week out for feeding my family. I’ve included some books I couldn’t live without when weaning my children and also some books that are amazing for teaching children how to cook.

Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food: Naturally Gluten and Sugar-Free Meals You’ll All Enjoy by Lizzie King

I am a huge fan of Lizzie King’s. We recently did a podcast together and she is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating for the whole family. I use this book for delicious family recipes every week and many of which I cook with the children.


The Good Stuff: Delicious Recipes and Tips for Happier and Healthier Children by Lucinda Miller 

I have worked with Lucinda Miller for quite a few years now and this book has inspired the whole family to get cooking. The blueberry and banana muffins are a huge hit in our family and the vast array of healthy food in this book hits the nail on the head every time. Brain-boosting pancakes anyone?


The First Foods Book by Ella’s Kitchen

I am a huge fan of Ella’s Kitchen and its collection of books is absolutely brilliant. I would start with this first book which covers every step of the weaning journey and has well over 100 recipes, from single vegetable purees to proper meals. It’s also full of practical advice for new parents and I would definitely suggest the whole collection.


Little Dish The Family Cookbook by Hillary Graves

The front cover of this recipe book says it all really and it’s one that Nanny Anita and I often go to. It’s a book packed full of healthy recipes for the whole family and I often let the children turn down pages. It has a great chapter on eating the rainbow that I often refer back to.



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Juiceman: Over 100 healthy juice and smoothie recipes for all the family by Andrew Cooper

My husband and I have been friends with Andrew Cooper for many years and if we could look anything like him by drinking what he drinks, I am sold. Andrew is a juicing pro and this book is full of the most delicious combinations from medicinal juices to combat dehydration of digestive problems to the perfect children’s smoothie. I absolutely love this book.


River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook

This is a book that I referred to often when I started weaning my children and it was a fountain of knowledge. It taught me not to be worried about adult tastes and has a step-by-step guide to of what and when to feed my children. It made me take a chance with making risotto and is packed full of delicious recipes.


Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner

I am such a huge fan of Annabel Karmel.  I absolutely love her and could not have lived without this recipe book when I started weaning my children. It’s the number one bestselling cookbook for babies and toddlers for good reason and has the most brilliant step-by-step weaning guide and over 200 easy-to-follow recipes.


10 Minute Suppers For Children by Poppy Fraser

A friend of mine gave me this book a few years ago and although it doesn’t have any photographs, it’s an absolute favourite of mine. The recipes really do only take 10 minutes and almost all of them are loved by my whole family. The Bacon Frozen Pea Orzo is a firm favourite in our family.


The 5 O’Clock Apron by Claire Thomson

Claire does a brilliant job of making cooking fun again, instead of a chore. Almost every recipe in this book is marked down and it’s one that I really enjoy cooking from.


Feeding the Future by Tali Shine & Lohralee Astor 

My good friend Lohralee Astor sent me her brilliant recipe book which is full of nutritious and delicious easy to make children’s meals. It’s full of really fun ideas to make food exciting for the children. We love her mermaid smoothie and avocado tuna rolls.


Basics For Brilliance Kids by Donna Hay

Donna Hay is my absolute hero when it comes to food and I am crazy about this beautiful book. From prosciutto pizzas to the fluffiest pancakes and everything inbetween, this book is full of mouth-watering recipes for the whole family.



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