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We’re All Smiles for The Cosatto Pom Pom Tree Giggle 2

Give me a ‘C’, Give Me an ‘O’, Give me a ‘S-A-T-T-O!’ Yep, Pom Pom Tree, the new colourway for British brand Cosatto’s Giggle 2 just makes me want to cheer. This is my first introduction to the Giggle 2 and I love it.

The lightweight and nifty three-wheeler looks the business in its new distinctive yellow and grey Pom Pom Tree colourway, available as a complete travel system exclusive to Mothercare. I’ve taken the Giggle 2 for a spin over the past week, to report back on its main features.

 Assembling & changing modes

I don’t know about you, but I’m the worst when it comes to having to figure out how to work all this baby paraphernalia. Who has time to sit down with an instruction manual? The good news is, with this buggy, you probably don’t need to. The chassis was easy to assemble, the swivel wheels popped on with no bother, and the three different modes, the carrycot, seat unit, and car seat are really easy to interchange.

Car seat

The car seat, seat unit and carrycot look incredibly comfy. Up until now, we’ve had a bit of a nightmare finding a decent car seat that doesn’t involve vacuum packing her into it, one that the straps are easily loosened and tightened, and ultimately, a seat she can be put in, without enduring a baby tantrum (and occasionally tears from mum too), until the motion of the car begins to calm her down. That was going to the real test.

The verdict? She was happy to be sat in the Giggle 2 car seat, which quite frankly, made my heart soar with joy, and it’s definitely one that we will use on the chassis from time to time. They’ve taken care to make the seat as comfortable as possible, which means it can be used for more than just the necessities. It even has a cool little head hugger to make baby feel really cosy.


The carrycot turns the buggy into full pram mode, and you can even use this part overnight for sleeping, so a fabulous way to save space if you’re away for the night, and can’t fit a travel cot in the car.

Seat unit

We’ve used the seat unit A LOT. Strictly speaking, it’s to be used from 6 months onwards; our daughter is a little younger than that, and suffers horribly with reflux, meaning laying her down flat in a carrycot isn’t always the smartest idea. She’s completely happy, safe and snug in the seat unit, and since the weather has turned colder the foot muff and kangaroo pouch have come in so handy, so looks so gorgeously comfortable, it makes me wish I was little again.

Duo directional

Cosatto have clearly been paying attention to what parents want – choice. The seat unit can face either way – ‘duo directional’ being the technical term. You can choose whether you want your baby to face you, or face outwards to the world. She’s still so little, so personally I like to see what she’s up to at the moment, but as she grows, I’m sure I’ll be keen for her to see the world without me standing in the way.

4-position recline

 The Giggle 2’s four position recline allows you to choose the angle of the seat unit, so your baby can be relatively flat if she’s sleeping, or upright if she’s awake and wants to see the world around her – facing you, or facing forwards. Having the choice of four levels of comfort is so important to parents of a reflux baby, and I don’t think I would ever buy a buggy again without such flexibility. Again, Cosatto have ears, they have been listening!

Storage basket

For me, storage space is important, and being quite compact, I wasn’t sure how much room the Giggle 2 would offer. I had the chance to test this out this afternoon, and can confirm the basket on the base of the chassis is deceptively large. I can vouch for this as I’ve literally just got home from a trip out to the chemist, carrying home 8 large tins of dairy free prescription formula AND my massive changing bag full of bottles, nappies, musys, changes of clothes – you name it, it was safely stowed away underneath, with no need to have anything on the handlebars or over my shoulder. Too easy.

Compact fold

The chassis is easy to fold, and fairly compact once folded. After my C-section I found it impossible lifting anything heavier than my baby, and our pram at the time was too hefty. All parts of the Giggle 2 are easy to lift and put into the boot of the car – leaving some space for shopping.


I love that it’s a British brand, AND it’s affordable. It’s fantastic value for money, retailing at £489.95.

My conclusion

It’s my first experience of a three-wheeler; I’m enjoying the added manoeuvrability, which is great for zipping around town. I love the compact, yet sturdiness of the Giggle 2, and the seat unit and car seat are personal my two favourite parts.  The Pom Pom Tree colourway makes this travel system a gorgeous choice for boy or girl, and suitable for all seasons. I’m enjoying all the compliments I’m receiving in the high street. Good work, Cosatto!

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