Suddenly, like in the space of a weekend, BB has gone from flitting between activities every minute or so. To being able to engage in activities for longer and longer!  Which opens up so many more activities and crafts for us to do together.   The other day at play group he really like spreading glue over a picture while I stuck wool on. This gave me an idea for some cotton wool ghost pictures that we could do together.

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To make these cotton wool ghost pictures you will need:

I pulled apart some cotton wool before I set this craft up so that it was ready for when we needed it.

When you are ready to make your cotton wool ghost pictures draw out your ghost shape onto your paper.

Cotton wool ghost pictures

Let your little one spread the glue over their picture and then stick the cotton wool on top of that.

Cotton wool ghost pictures

BB found a white crayon on the floor that hadn’t been cleared away and used it to “colour” part of his picture.

Cotton wool ghost pictures

I finished off his ghost by putting on some googley eyes.

Cotton wool ghost pictures

BB’s finished picture

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Cotton Wool Ghost Picture Halloween craft for children