These craft stick haunted house is a fun craft for kids of all ages.  BB and I made ours when he was off school with a cold.  It was an easy craft that provided some time away from the TV but didn’t require too much energy to complete it.

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To make your own craft stick haunted house you will need:

  • Jumbo sized craft sticks
  • Regular sized craft sticks
  • Mini craft sticks
  • Paint
  • Glue/glue gun
  • Halloween stickers
  • Scissors

To make the house line up 6 jumbo craft sticks, then glue a craft stick going diagonally across them to hold them all together.  You can use normal glue for this craft, but I find it easier with a hot glue gun.  It dries quicker.

For the roof you will need 2 jumbo craft sticks, 2 regular craft sticks, 2 mini craft sticks, and 1 mini one cut in half.

For the doors and windows, you will need 4 regular sticks cut in half and 2 ½ mini ones.

Paint you house one colour and your roof, door, and window another colour.

Stick the craft sticks into a square to make two windows, and one into a rectangle to make the door.

Next glue them to some paper and cut around them.

Then glue these to the house.

craft stick haunted house

Finally add some Halloween stickers to your craft stick haunted house for extra spookiness.

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