Do you follow the safe sleep guidelines only to check on your little one once they have nodded off to find them a bit hot and sweaty?! Do you check your thermometer what feels like 50 times a day to be reassured your baby’s nursery is a friendly 16-20 degrees?

What is going on and why does your baby sweat?

As your baby sleeps, air and moisture can become trapped between your baby’s skin and bed covers and without proper ventilation and good air permeability in fabrics, baby can start to sweat and their skin can become irritated.

One of the biggest problems this can cause is irritation to your little one’s skin, eczema flair ups and sleepless nights. Sound familiar?

How to create a mirco-climate:

1) Choose bedding and clothing that breathe – often the most breathable fabrics are natural, with merino wool, bamboo and organic cotton being favoured.

2) Establish a good air-flow between clothing, mattresses and bedding, creating a more comfortable environment for baby to sleep in but also a healthier environment too.

Did you know?

Fabrics with excellent air permeability create an oxygen rich environment which keeps fabrics and baby dry in our typically humid homes – a damp humid environment is ideal for bacteria to thrive. Creating a good micro-climate will not only make a more comfortable environment for baby to sleep in but is also far healthier.

ErgoPouch, the Australian company renowned for their skin-friendly, and natural sleeping suits have launched in the UK with a beautiful collection of fashion forward swaddles, sleeping bag suits and bed sheets.

How award-winning ErgoPouch ensures baby gets a great night’s sleep.

1) Their products are made from the finest organic fibres and skin-friendly breathable materials that naturally create a micro-climate, making them suitable for even the most delicate skin.

2) ErgoPouch products reduce the risks associated with blankets and have been designed ergonomically to swaddle babies without restriction, offering excellent hip health and freedom of movement – just like in the womb.

3) Little ones love being in their ErgoPouch swaddles and suits day and night, so ErgoPouch have designed their products with intelligence to make the lives of new parents just a little bit easier. All ErgoPouch products offer a clever two-way zipper for easy nappy changing, and the ErgoPouch Sleeping suit bag comes with no-slip grip on the feet, converts from a suit with legs into a sleeping bag and can even be used with a pram or stroller.


About ergoPouch:

ergoPouch was founded in 2008 by super sleep deprived mum Alina Sack. Alina was inspired to develop the first ergoPouch sleeping bag with her first son who was somewhat of a ‘challenged’ sleeper. Desperate to help the entire family get a better night’s sleep, Alina got out her sewing machine and made him the very first ergoPouch sleeping bag. It worked. He could move around the cot without getting tangled and the bag kept him snug and sleeping peacefully all night. Today ergoPouch is a market leading and award-winning brand in Australia and the company’s products are now sold worldwide in countries/continents including New Zealand, USA, Europe/UK and Asia.


My Baba sponsored content in collaboration with ergoPouch.