I was introduced to the gorgeous Deonne Rowland by my favourite, Molly Meg, I had already been drooling over pictures of hers on Pinterest, and was so thrilled to finally meet her. The images speak for themselves, and she really is one of my top picks when it comes to interiors for children. For more information check out Deonne’s website Odd Sock Odd Shoe

As a designer focused just on children’s interiors, I’m used to being given quite open briefs and working with those to create schemes that both parents and children love.

Here, the brief was a rainbow theme, but I didn’t want to go down the usual route of bold, primary colours. My client was open to me sourcing some vintage items of furniture for the room, so I wanted to try to design a complementary colour scheme.

I suggested a rainbow colour-way with a vintage feel – heavy on deep blue and mustard, with accents here and there in dusty pink, hazelnut and crimson. These were suggested by the knitted rainbow cushions from Oeuf NYC.

Sleeping area

The sleeping area was designed to evoke a feeling of sleepy summer – the house book light, flying swallows and Eos goose-feather ceiling pendant help to create that.

The beds are the Kalon Studios Caravan Divans, shown here in pink. The girls each have a Camomile London hand-quilted blanket, with the different shades of golden and deep rose echoing the colours of the rainbow cushion.

Study nook

With Elsie now at school and starting to concentrate on homework, it was important to build in a versatile area for the girls to study and make and play. This area was built to scale around the two Nofred Mouse Chairs, with all the girls’ arts and crafts supplies and stationery tastefully stashed away in Normann Copenhagen wall pockets.

I designed two bespoke vintage-style cupboards for further hiding-away of all the busy bits and bobs that naturally go along with children’s rooms.

Reading nook

Children’s rooms should ideally also provide space for quiet time and encourage reading – the more books can be displayed and made accessible, the more that’s likely to happen and this reading nook was designed to do just that. A selection of small seats encourages the girls to sit and spend time here.

Dressing area

Like most girls, Annie and Elsie love dressing up, so part of the brief was to create an area where all of their favourite dress-up costumes, dresses and treasures could be kept. The centrepiece here is a 1960s rattan and oak dresser that was specially shipped from Brittany. The rainbow banner – also from Ouef NYC and due to be released this Autumn/Winter – completes the look.

Suggested products to feature in ‘shop the look’ section 

Oeuf NYC Knitted Rainbow Cushion from Molly Meg

While perhaps better known for its clever, minimalist children’s furniture, Oeuf NYC also creates a beautiful range of knitted décor and its latest range is, I think, its best yet. The pieces all have a nostalgic, vintage feel and range from these rainbow-shaped cushions through to knitted vegetables and smiling mouths (complete with braces).

Kalon Studios Caravan Divan from Studio Mini Shop

I see a lot of products aimed at children, and this little bed is one of the most appealing examples of modern children’s design I have come across yet. It is shaped like a traditional divan, or day bed, but shrunk in scale for children.

Constructed from solid American maple wood, in a clean, unfussy style, this is a truly heirloom-quality piece to cherish and keep.

Hand-quilted blanket from Camomile London

The love and care that goes into these blankets is unmistakeable: they are plush and warm and wrap round children like a great big hug. Modelled on a traditional eiderdown, the blankets come in a range of vintage-feeling shades, from golden to plaster pink, and are perfect for mixing and matching.

Nofred Mouse chair from Studio Mini Shop

There is a fine line between sweet and twee in children’s design, and these little chairs are firmly on the right side of good design. They are a simple, but inspired, idea and bring fun and functionality to children’s rooms.

Vita Eos Pendant from Molly Meg

Made of goose feathers, this pendant brings a feeling of softness and calm to children’s interiors and provides a warm, diffuse light. Use as your main, statement light as in the rainbow room shown here or go for a smaller size with a long flex and ceiling hook for a bedside or study light.