Everyone loves a good curry… well it is the UK’s national dish, but have you ever considered feeding one to your baby?

Born and raised in this country, I can understand why the concept of feeding a baby spices and curries would seem utterly bizarre to some parents, causing an immediate response such as “NO WAY!!” or “ARE YOU CRAZY?!”

But let’s think about this for a moment… there are millions of parents all over the world that feed their babies, toddlers and young children spices in their food every day and think nothing of it. I am from Indian origin and was raised on delicious spicy food, and chose to pass this delicious tradition onto my daughter from the age of 7 months. So I’m here to personally reassure you that it’s OK to do this.

AROMATIC SPICES (but not chilli), are a wonderful addition to a baby’s diet. Here’s why:

  • Who needs salt and sugar? – cooking with natural, exotic flavours makes an excellent alternative to adding salt and sugar to baby food.
  • Aromatic, tasty food – the tempting aroma of spicy food awakens the sense of smell, which makes the food tastier when eaten. Tasty food = clean bowl.
  • Less picky eaters – using a combination of different spices in meals allows for a greater variety of food in a baby’s diet. Greater variety helps to keep fussy eaters at bay.
  • Natural health benefits – each spice has its own unique list health benefits the whole family can benefit from.


  • Cardamom – prevents cold and flu, analgesic properties can help treat teething pains.
  • Cinnamon – strengthens the immune system to cure colds, boosts memory and cognitive function.
  • Cloves – analgesic properties can help treat teething pains, boost memory and blood circulation.
  • Cumin – supports a healthy immune system, betters digestion and boosts metabolism.
  • Turmeric – boosts immune system for cold and flu protection and reduces the risk of childhood leukaemia.

There are far more spices you can introduce into a baby’s diet, I have listed just a few. To see further benefits of the above spices, new spices, and references click here

Zainab Jagot Ahmed – Author of Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook


The below disclaimer will need to be placed at the bottom of each page with a recipe on.

NB: As with new foods, when introducing a new spice into a baby’s diet, the four day rule should be adhered to, to ensure no allergic reactions. In the unlikely event of an allergic reaction, seek medical attention immediately. 


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