Over the last few weeks BB has become obsessed with cutting things. At meal times he now likes to have a knife rather than a spoon, and hates it if we cut his food for him. Unfortunately his skills are still rather limited, so more often than not he gets frustrated. To help him develop his skill I got out all the wooden food toys that can be cut in half and set it up as an invitation to play cutting activity.

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To do your own toddler cutting activity you will need:

  • Child friendly knife*
  • Play dough
  • Cut-able wooden food toys

While BB was sleeping I set up all the toys and play dough on the playroom table for him. I also set out some other food related toys like plates, spoons, cake, cups etc to incorporate into his play.

cutting activity for toddlers

BB was absolutely enthralled with it all, and spent a very enjoyable afternoon playing with it.

cutting activity for toddlers

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Help toddlers develop fine motor and cutting skills with this cutting activity for toddlers.