This column is not a long one, and yet one I’ve spent so much time on. I’ve been painfully scouring the net and looking through ingredients’ lists to find SOMETHING for the dairy and soya free kids out there. My conclusion is not a surprising one, but it’s still depressing: there is so little for them in terms of off-the-shelf chocolate and treats they can enjoy. (Can you tell I’m a HUGE chocolate lover?!)

There is of course, the argument that kids shouldn’t be eating chocolate, and should be happy with healthier alternatives, and to all those thinking that – Bah Humbug to you, Scrooge! It’s CHRISTMAS. While you’re busy gorging on the contents of the Quality Street tin or emptying your third Cadbury’s Selection box, spare a thought for the ones who aren’t able to enjoy much in the way of chocolate this Christmas.

There are SOME dairy and soya free options, and a big shout-out to Moo Free who have surpassed everyone else with their range of treats and advent calendars. As a mum with a dairy and soya free child, THANK YOU.

I hope this feature can be a work in progress, perhaps companies will be selling more in the way of dairy and soya free Christmas treats as the weeks go by. If you have suggestions, please comment and we’ll add them in as we go along.

Moo Free Advent Calendar, Healthy Supplies

So Free Advent Calendar, Healthy Supplies

Father Christmas, Yumbles

Moo Free Snowman, Vegan Town

Mini Moos Santa Bar, Healthy Supplies

Dark Choc Advent Calendar, Montezuma’s