Celebrity hair colourist and Prince’s Trust Ambassador, Daniel Galvin Jr, introduces Dubble Trubble, a collection of five pH balanced Hair & Body washes and a Detangling mist, all utilising organic botanical extracts. Launching exclusively at Morrisons’ stores nationwide and at Daniel Galvin Junior, the sales of the products will help raise money for The Prince’s Trust, with Daniel, together with Morrisons will be donating a total of £25,000 of the proceeds to the youth charity in the first 12 months

Tell us about Dubble Trubble, what inspired you to launch the range? 

The riots inspired me to action an initiative, as my role as an Ambassador for the Princes Trust, I wanted to raise funds for under privileged children and families. The money we raise from the launch of Dubble Trubble will help disadvantage young people into work or training, getting their lives back on track. 

My child has a bald patch where she’s been sleeping, should I worry and is there anything I can do to prevent it? 

This is a very common with newborns and is nothing to be concerned about. Their scalps are very delicate and the patches are a result of when they’re unable to roll-over. One way to prevent this is to lay a very soft silk pillowcase as an under-sheet in their cot. 

It is OK to use hair bands in my baby’s hair, or do they damage the roots? 

It’s not so much about damaging the roots, more breaking the delicate virgin hair. I advise my clients to use ribbons or baby scrunchies instead of elastic bands or metal clips as these can catch and be painful if they get caught when the little ones are playing! 

How important is it to use the right shampoo from an early age? 

It is very important to use a delicate shampoo on toddlers. Parabens and synthetic ingredients in everyday shampoos can clog their pores and hair follicles leading to a sensitive scalp, which can then result in oily or flaky, itchy roots and scalp. 

How can I tell if my child’s hair is growing properly? 

Don’t worry, baby’s and toddler’s hair can grow at different speeds. As long as it’s growing, it will all even out in time. Trim it often. 

What brush / comb is best to use on my baby’s hair? 

Make sure you use a specific brush for toddlers/children with fine, soft bristles, try Kent Baby Supersoft Bristle brushes. 

Will my child be worried at the prospect of their first haircut and how should I prepare my child? 

The less said about it, the better! Try validating a haircut. For example, comment on how smart Mummy or Daddy’s new haircut is. Drip feed the thought and talk about the hairdressers as a special place to go. I always say to the mum’s who come into the salon to leave their kids with the stylist – that way they not only feel ‘grown up’ but they build a little friendship with them and learn to trust them. 

I have to cut my child’s own hair, can you give me any advice and tips? 

This is always tricky! You don’t want too many questions at the school gates! If you are going to cut it at home, make sure you cut it dry and less is more. 

What’s the latest trend in kids’ haircuts? 

There is no new trend for children’s haircuts especially when we’re talking about 10 years and younger. You want your children’s haircuts to be an expression of their personality – allow your child to choose their style, within reason! 

What are the most common questions you’re asked when it comes to kids and hairstyles? 

The most common questions include the need for a good detangler that doesn’t damage the hair. When should they have their first haircut? (My advice is usually between 1 – 2 years)