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Danny Jones’ Wife Georgia Shares The Highs And Lows Of Her Pregnancy

It’s nearly time. The former Miss England model, married to Mcfly’s frontman, is eagerly awaiting the birth of her first child. We caught up with the lovely Georgia to find out her pregnancy expectations, strange cravings and her least favourite part to her pregnancy journey.


Hi Georgia! We’re absolutely obsessed with your YouTube channel The Georgia Edit. What inspired you to get started with vlogging, and what can our readers expect from your videos?

Ahhh thank you so much! I love to talk and share my personal experiences and tips, so I thought what better platform to do that on than my very own YouTube Channel! My videos are pretty varied, there’s lots of baby/new mum chats and tips, as well as advice mixed with tutorials, reviews and real honest talks. I like showing the good, the bad and the ugly. Showing a real, unfiltered life is so important to me.

The nation fell in love with your pregnancy reveal video and the reactions of your friends and family. Did you expect the reaction Danny gave? Were you nervous to tell him?

I love that we have those memories on film, some people’s reactions were priceless! We cut it out but Danny swore a LOT!  He was in total shock at first.  I wasn’t nervous to tell him as we had been trying so I knew he’d be over the moon!  I was just really excited and couldn’t wait for him to get home.

What aspect of giving birth are you most nervous about? 

The pain! I’m not sure anything can quite prepare you for what’s to come, but I can do this.  Us women are strong and CAN do this, so bring it on. The thing that’s keeping me positive about the whole situation is that we get the most amazing gift of all at the end!!

Are you and Danny prepared for the arrival of your little baba? What kind of dad do you envision Danny to be?

At the time of writing this I am two days away from my due date and happy to say that the majority of things are sorted. There absolutely are still things that need to be done but they are not vital things, so I’m taking my friends and family’s advice and trying to relax and put my feet up before our little one arrives.

What has been the highlight of your pregnancy journey so far?

In all honesty, I think actually ‘being pregnant’ has been my favourite part.  I’ve really enjoyed my pregnancy (even though at some points I’ve been exhausted and uncomfortable), and just feeling that little human wriggle around in my tummy is just the most amazing feeling. Strangers strike up conversations with you which is lovely too, I love to chat so I’ve really enjoyed that!

Credit @thegeorgiaedit

How about your least favourite part?

I didn’t enjoy the skin breakouts in the first few months (but it’s all worth it isn’t it).  My baby brain has been pretty bad too.  I’ve gone from the decision maker of the house to completely incapable of making the simplest choice; deciding what to have for dinner has been a nightmare!

Will you and Danny encourage your little one to follow a creative/musical path?

Hopefully our little one will naturally follow that path. I really hope it takes after it’s daddy talent-wise! I don’t have a musical bone in my body. What’s lovely and really quite amazing is the baby really reacts when Danny sings or plays the guitar, I think it’s having a little dance in my womb!

Have you had any strange cravings throughout your pregnancy?

I think my strangest craving is toast with Marmite & tuna mayonnaise. I can’t get enough of it – my sweet tooth has gone wild too!

You have quite a few beauty tutorials on your YouTube channel. What are your holy-grail beauty products?

How long have you got! I’m a bit of a product hoarder. I love Elemis products and I personally think if you’re going to invest in one decent moisturiser, then Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream would be my top pick. I also love a facial oil to put on just before be. PAI Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil has been my skin saviour throughout pregnancy, as I’ve had very hormonal/dry skin. This honestly helped so much.  I also really love Repavar Regenerate Cream to keep my bump nourished and hydrated.


Credit: @thegeorgiaedit

Finally, did you have any “expectation vs. reality” moments throughout your pregnancy? If so, what were they?

I expected to feel physically a lot less able, but I’ve worked out throughout my pregnancy (safely with a pre/post-natal personal trainer) and I really think that’s played a huge part in me staying active and strong during my pregnancy.

I also expected in the first 12 weeks to have a lovely pregnancy glow – I couldn’t have been more wrong! I had the worst hormonal breakouts, which have now calmed down thank goodness, but I certainly wasn’t ‘glowing’.


Credit: @dannyjonesofficial

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