The Daylesford dairy herd are pedigree British Friesians selectively bred for sustainable traits and longevity of life. Meet Rosie one of Daylesford’s trusty British Friesians:

Life at Daylesford for a British Friesian cow, like me, is pretty great. We are spoilt with our beautiful Cotswold pastures and home-grown food. As you may have heard, the reason I am at Daylesford is to provide milk for their creamery, which makes cheese, yoghurt and milk for your cereal each morning. I really enjoy being a milking cow because I love routine and knowing how my day is going to pan out – it really suits me. I milk for 305 days of the year (I produce a lot of milk!) and then similar to school, I get a lovely two month summer holiday in the luscious green fields. When winter comes around again, Richard welcomes us back to our comfy deep straw yards until April (this is always a relief as we like to escape the cold, wet winter months) and then when the suns comes back out, we trot out to greener pastures.

My typical summer day starts at 4 o’clock in the morning when I wait at the gate for Richard (he is our favourite farmer) to be brought into the milking parlour, we are very good you see and don’t make Richard hang about whilst we wake ourselves up. I usually get milked at around 5am for 10 minutes , then I am free to go back out to my field where I eat 40 kilograms of grass and drink 90 litres of water (don’t want to get dehydrated!).

At 3:30pm my body clock tells me it is time to be milked again, so we meet Richard at the gate once more and walk ourselves to the parlour. We are milked again at 4pm and then after that we have finished our duties for the day and head out to our fields once more. Like all ladies, we enjoy a good natter before getting our well-deserved beauty sleep. Our sleep is very important for when all the nice visitors come to see us at Daylesford, we always want to look in tip top shape.

We are thankful for our yummy organic forage based diet of grass or fresh silage, all grown right on our doorstep, to keep our figures looking fine and coats with a shine. As you can probably tell, I don’t have much to complain about and I am very happy to be at Daylesford providing you with fresh and tasty milk.

By Daylesford Organic