My dear friend Fee Drummond lives at Cadland, the most dreamiest of places. Her interiors are inspirational and she always does the most interesting things to create the perfect children’s spaces. I asked if we could sneak a peek at her latest secret attic transformation and she’s given us a few tips a long the way, hope you enjoy!  

Being a frustrated Interior Designer at heart, I literally jump at the need to redecorate a space, and find no place more satisfying than dreamy children’s spaces – reasoning that I personally spend a lot of time in them and therefore get the most pleasure out of them! Plus, due to the nature of a baby’s arrival, their rooms simply have to be done.

Any scheme tends to take shape around one or two items that I completely obsess over and dream of using for months and months before putting any designs together.

Designing the Attic Nursery was so much fun – small quirky spaces for little people with big imaginations, and I started with a blank canvas, but awkward eaves and a lot of inherited old fashion toys and the question of where to store them so that you would use them.

The Attic Nursery is my all-time favourite room – the novelty of it still hasn’t worn off for any of us with continued daily squeals of excitement to be heard when heading up to the top of the house. The space was crammed floor to ceiling with junk previously, was derelict and un-insulated so it was a mega job, but is now a tailor made play space and the ultimate in satisfying transformation.


The two things I knew I wanted to do were ships bunks and ships lanterns, the rest was formed around them. I scoured America and Europe to find the perfect original ships bulkhead lights for the bunks and put them on dimmers so you can use them as nightlights for kiddies – I finally found the perfect pair on eBay and the ceiling pendants are from Garden Trading in Slate.


I worked with our carpenter to design the Ships bunks by the millimeter in order to maximise the quirky space, the porthole is a big favourite and normally has someone’s little face poking through it. I measured all of the old toys to fit the shelving perfectly, and squeezed another trundle bed underneath the shelves – the beds are actually big enough to fit an adult – just !




The T & G woodwork is painted in Parma Grey by Farrow & Ball and the maps and animal wall stickers are from Oakdene Designs. Finally the awesome pirate wallpaper is from Blackpop and I used Mouse Cazalets Owlet wallpaper in the Attic bedroom further on. I’m building up to placing Perspex model car wall display cases on what’s left of the white walls – to house the ever – growing collection of model vehicles. Museum style, and maybe OCD but it would be soooooo satisfying.


Fee Drummond, founder of baby & childrenswear brand Mini-la-Mode lives in a family home in the New Forest, on the Solent shore with her property developer husband and two children, where refurbishing dated old rooms is a requirement and passion for the designer.  

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