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A nursery is such a special and exciting room to design, but can often pose a design challenge for families as it is a step away from the norm as they are designing for a baby and not themselves.  While indeed this space is a child’s bedroom, it is important to remember that a nursery is a place where new mummies and daddies look after their new arrival. The little bundle of joy won’t be exploring the room for quite some time so it needs to be as parent friendly as possible.

nursery room 6

Here are my top tips for an elegant, relaxing and beautiful nursery for your little one…

Colour is such an important factor in the design process for a nursery.  It is so easy to focus on the obvious, candy pink for a girl, bright blue for a boy, yellow if you don’t know yet, or to slip in to bold, fun, playful primary colours. Here at Butterfly Lane we disagree with this approach.  A nursery is not a room for visual stimulation but instead for calm, comfort and soothing, basically a room to encourage the little one to sleep as much as possible!  Crayola crayon colours can be introduced in playrooms, with toys and books, whereas a nursery is a sanctuary for relaxation and peaceful rest. So in true Butterfly Lane style we recommend a neutral colour palette with soft tones and lots of it!

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Fit a thick carpet or rug on the nursery floor, not only will this cushion the knees of little crawlers but also creates warmth. Remember, your new family will spend lots of time on the floor during play times so invest in a quality rug or carpet that feels luxurious to the touch.

nursery room 5

A great idea is to place seating by the window to allow natural light for reading and for cuddling your little one.  For late nights, early mornings and an afternoon snooze, nothing beats a comfy armchair and footstool for a cuddle session or a much needed nap for parent and baby. Parents will be spending many hours in this special room, and an armchair and footstool might become a second bed and a place for special bonding moments, so the key things to think about are comfort, style and versatility.  Remember to add blankets, throws and pillows to create texture and warmth.  Also, this adorable little chair is a must, just so cute!

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I think it’s rather limiting to focus your design on nursery furniture alone when furnishing the room.  Buying a standard set of drawers, bookcase and wardrobe not only looks chic and adult friendly but is also wise, as your baby will not be in nappies forever, so investing in quality furniture will be accommodating as your baby grows.

A bookcase or armoire is a must when furnishing a nursery.  A place to house all the babies books, soft toys and accessories, in a chic and organised way.

nursery room 2

I can’t stress the importance of lighting enough. As usual I massively love a gorgeous chandelier.  It adds an elegant and extravagant look to any room, in particular a nursery. There’s no better space for such a fanciful lighting feature, the rainbows of colours and the twinkling effect from the sunlight hitting the crystals will delight babies, toddlers and grown-ups alike. How divine. There is no need to hang a mobile over the cot when you have a magnificent crystal version hanging from the ceiling.

nursery room

Next, remember to install lamps for a soft and relaxing effect ideal for quiet moments and perfect to have when you are carrying out late night changes, as there is no need to wake yourself up any more than you need to!  A lamp next to the changer and next to your armchair would be ideal locations.

Enjoy creating the most magical of rooms to assist you in your new journey.  Let me know how you get on.