Spring is well and truly in the air! What better way to start our favourite time of year with a good old fashioned Spring clean… of your wardrobe.

Our Wardorbe Detox is one of the most popular services here at The Style Alchemy, so I thought I would share a few tips with you on how best to undertake this truly ‘satisfying’ job.

There’s little point in owning beautiful clothes or accessories if you can’t find them easily in your wardrobe. A clean, well-organised wardrobe means you’ll maximise all your sartorial purchases and rejuvenate your existing items.

Don’t underestimate the task of de-cluttering your wardrobe however, as it can be an overwhelming and emotional one. Our process means you can be as ruthless (or not) as you like!

Before you start the process, make sure you have a clear room (it soon becomes cluttered) and that you have plenty of time (there’s nothing worse than having to break for the school run when you’re on a roll!). 

  • Start pulling out all your clothes by category; tops, bottoms, dresses etc…
  • Arrange in to piles
Pile One

Clothes you love, still wear, still fit and are style relevant

Pile Two

Clothes you like, and want to keep, but you’re not sure why

Pile Three
Clothes that you haven’t worn for more than 2 years, don’t fit, are damaged beyond repair and have absolutely no value in your wardrobe
  • Items in pile 3 can be bagged up for recycling, charity or re-sale.
  • Items in pile 2 should be folded carefully and stored away for 3 months (after which, if you haven’t used or thought about any of them in that time, get rid)
  • Items in pile 1 are ready to be re-arranged back in to your wardrobe by category, colour and by type.
  • You are then ready to start playing with building outfits from your new streamlined wardrobe.
  • Where possible, hang as many items as possible – clothes are easier to see when hanging.
  • Never leave your clothes in the dry cleaning plastic bags. The chemicals can attack the fibres of your clothing and cause damage.
  • Cedar really does prevent moths from getting into your cashmere or wool sweaters. Replace the cedar every six months.
  • Remember less is sometimes more!

By Sam Jones

For more information or help with detoxing your wardrobe, please feel free to contact us at The Style Alchemy.