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YC’s list of sight words grows weekly, and although she is very good at reading them off the key ring that is sent home from school, it is nice to mix things up a little bit and get her used to reading them in different styles and settings. For this week’s activity we buried them in a trail of soil and she had to dig them up. I was a little worried she might not like it as it involved getting her hands dirty, but she loved it. Once she had found them all, she re-buried them for me to find!

You will need:

  • A tray
  • Soil
  • Sight words*
  • Spoon for digging

* We used magnetic words, but writing them on paper would work just as well.

Simply fill a tray with some soil and bury your sight words in it.

When your little one finds a word they have to read it out and put it in their saved collection.

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