I had the honour of being able to have a sneak peek of the new Cinderella exhibition in Leicester Square.


From the moment you enter you’re transported to a world of magic. The first room is a nod to the old animated classic, with concept designs adorning the walls.  From there you head into different replicas of the sets from the new movie.  All the props and costumes are ones used in the movie.

Without giving too much away there is the chance to see if your foot fits the slipper!  Pity there was no Prince Charming to whisk me off on his white horse.


This exhibition will appeal to young  and old, Disney fans or movie buff.

To get tickets go to Disney.co.uk or ticketmaster.com. There will be a limited number of tickets at the box office for walk ups. They are limiting it to 100 people per hour which means that you won’t have to fight the crowds to view items. The exhibition will be open from March 21st to April 10th from 10-9pm.