I know that the Christmas holidays have just finished and now is probably not the best time to start a busy bag.  But the next school holiday is just around the corner and there are always days out.  This busy bag is a Disney Mr. Potato Head one.  I got the inspiration from Walt Disney World. They have a station where you can fill up a Mr. Potato Head with lots of different Disney parts.  This version is much smaller, and much easier to fit into your bag than an actual Mr. Potato Head.

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To make your Disney Mr. Potato Head busy bag you will need:

  • Felt
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Simply draw out your shapes onto the felt and then cut them out.  If you are looking for inspiration you could always google Disney Mr. Potato Head parts for ideas.

Disney Mr. Potato Head Busy Bag

I made this Disney Mr. Potato Head busy bag back in October for our half term holiday.  It was a really great size to pop into the beach bag and take out while we were sitting under the umbrellas out of the sun.  Or while we were waiting for lunch.

EC creation.

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Make your own Disney Mr. Potato Head Busy Bag.