Years ago, I wrote a blog piece called fun things to do with marbles, now I have a new piece to add to add. DIY marble mazes.

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To make your own DIY marble mazes you will need:

  • Paper plate or the lid of a shoe box
  • Straws or wool
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Optional

There really aren’t any steps to making this.  I simply set out the equipment on the table and asked my charge’s if they would like to make one.  There were no instructions, just make a marble maze however you like.

DIY marble mazes

BB got right in with putting the glue on his plate and then sticking wool on it.  He created a sort of Nascar like track for the marbles to go around.  YC decided that she wanted to draw hers out with a pencil first.  She then experimented with cutting the straws in half to make them thinner but decided that the marbles tended to get caught on the side then.  She had to slightly adjust her track to make sure there was enough room for the marbles to run down the pathway, but she created a great maze with a couple of dead ends in.

The whole point of this activity was not for them to create perfect DIY marble mazes, but to experiment and create without adult telling them what and how to do it.

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DIY marble mazes - kids activity