For my youngest charge’s birthday party we did a Minnie Mouse theme and rather than have one entertainer come, we had a few stations set up so that the children could choose what they wanted to do. There was a bouncy castle, two terrific guys from Sharky and George to play games with them, a decorate your own cookie table and an arts and craft table. This set up worked really well and the although the children mostly stayed with the entertainers and bouncy castle, they did all at some point during the party come over and have a go with the other stations.

diy mickey mouse puppetss

That’s a lot of Mickeys!

The arts and crafts table had two activities that they could do: a decorate a paper Minnie bag (which was bought online) and a decorate your own Mickey Mouse puppet. I spent the best part of 10 days making 35 of these puppets, so seeing the children using them was incredible satisfying. I have made things a whole lot easier for you though, and there is a PDF for you to download and printout, so all that you need to do is cut out and assemble it, then let your little ones (and yourself if you wish) decorate it.

Download the Mickey Mouse template.

diy mickey mouse puppets

All set up ready for the party

To make your own  DIY Mickey Mouse puppet you will need:

  • Template
  • Split pins
  • Scissors
  • Colouring pens/pencils/crayons
  • Anything to decorate it with

Download and print out the template.  There should be two feet, two arms, two hands and a body.

Cut out the parts and assemble them using the split pins (you may need to do this part for little ones).

Then sit back and let them get creative with their decorating.

As I said watching all the children come and decorate their puppets was very satisfying, some came and coloured them in for a minute, while others stayed for a while and really took their time with it.  Although I may have a lot left over, I plan to pop a few in my bag with some pens so that I have an instant Mickey Mouse busy bag in case of emergencies.

diy mickey mouse puppets

Pin for later:

Mickey Mouse Puppets with free downloadable PDF.

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