If there is one thing that BB loves to do, it is to make music. He likes to shake things, bang things, and bash things together. I have previously made shakers for him when he was tiny, so it was high time for some DIY musical instruments.

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You will need:

DIY musical instruments

BB using dot pens to decorate the paper plates.

Decorate the outside of two paper plates. Add some dried beans, I used kidney beans, then staple the two plates together. Make sure that they are securely attached so that the kidney beans don’t fall out.


Fill your plastic egg with some dried beans. To make a different sound to the tambourine I used dried broad beans. Use the washi tape to secure together. Then if you want you can decorate the rest of the egg. Glue two spoons either side of the egg. Finally wrap some the tape around the ends of the spoons to draw them together.

Rain maker

Decorate the kitchen roll tube. I actually used the inner roll of the tin foil as it had just finished. Get a length of tin foil and scrunch it up into a thin line. Next start curling the foil into a curl, make sure that it fits inside of your tube. Once it is inside add some rice. To finish up place a square of baking paper to each end and fix in place with elastic bands.

BB loves his new musical instruments. The shakers make a wonderful distraction when I am trying to change his nappy. His favourite one seems to be the rain maker. Although I have had to replace the baking paper already as he keeps putting the end of it in his mouth!

Do make sure that you regularly check the musical instruments for any damage. Those dried beans can be choking hazard to small children.

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DIY musical instruments - Easy to make from household items.